View Full Version : GU partners with UW Med School

Zag 77
12-01-2014, 01:16 PM
It will be interesting to see what this all means. Could it be that GU undergrads might have some advantage getting admitted to UW Medical School? This is an interesting chess move as UW and WSU jockey for position to establish a Med School in Spokane. Wazzu is going to be gunning for some legislative appropriation when the Legislature starts its session in January.

From the GU announcement:

The goals of the UW-GU partnership, as envisioned, would be to sustain the excellence of the UW School of Medicine’s top-ranked medical school, accelerate the expansion of medical education and biomedical research in Spokane, and build on Gonzaga’s strengths in undergraduate and graduate health science education and applied scientific research. As one of Spokane County's 10 largest private employers, Gonzaga has a significant economic presence in the community and is well-positioned to assist in achieving the economic benefits imagined in the 2009 report.

McCulloh added that Gonzaga’s commitment to healthy and positive collaboration between regional colleges and universities remains a priority as Washington State University pursues independent accreditation for its proposed medical school. “The higher education institutions in Spokane have a long history of supporting one another. We believe expansion of healthcare education to meet the critical need for additional doctors and healthcare professionals throughout the state and region will require the invested efforts of all of Spokane higher education,” he said.

The proposed partnership would be the first WWAMI collaboration involving an independent, Catholic and Jesuit university. “There is precedent for such partnerships, which have been successfully created and operated across the nation,” McCulloh said. “The mission and values of WWAMI’s single curriculum are compatible with Gonzaga’s mission and values, as is the focus on community welfare. Physician shortages are demanding innovative solutions, and we believe that public-private partnerships will play an important role in the future of medicine.”

The devil will be in the details. I can see some issues popping up for both GU and UW on life issues, and somebody will almost certainly object to any public funding flowing to a private, religious institution. That being said, this could be a really great deal for GU and Spokane.