View Full Version : Gonzaga vs Southeastern Louisiana: What are you hoping to see tomorrow night?

12-01-2014, 08:02 AM
I'm looking forward to seeing the Zags play again in the Kennel. They got beat up pretty good in New York City, and I hope the Kennel Club welcomes them back home with lots of crazy cheers. I'm hoping to see lots of energy in K2 and a bright and hot fire.

I'm really looking forward to see Silas Melson play again, and maybe see a larger role. He's got a beautiful shot. I'd like to see more and better D from him.

Geeze! What happened to our 3 point shooting in New York? I'm really hoping that the Ninja Shooters return and find their touch once again. The 3 point shooting in NYC was shocking to me. And yet, if the defenses were set up to shut down our 3 pt shooting first, at least the Zags were able to respond to that with outstanding post play out of Wiltjer and Sabonis. I believe Karno played ok, but he could have played a lot better, imo. Wiltjer was awesome Wednesday on Sabonis on Friday. Keep it up guys.

The Zags certainly need more work on their defense and being able to take of the ball better. As good as our defense and passing were early in the season, there were certainly problems in both areas against better and tougher teams. They need to address this in preparing for Arizona on Saturday.

Looking forward to having some fun Tuesday night.

Go Zags!!!

12-01-2014, 08:05 AM
Melson needs to play around half the game. I wanna see him play 20-25 minutes in order to gel with the guys. He needs to get some more confidence before the big game Saturday.

Would like to see Draino play a lot too. Same for him.

The other guys just need to do their thing.

12-01-2014, 08:55 AM
Assuming the game goes smoothly and easily for us, I'd like to see Mark Few very focused on defensive footwork inside the paint. I'm sure it's been on the blackboard this weekend, so hopefully he can do some in-game teaching on the subject too, in order to prepare for AZ and beyond.

Of course, I always hope to see 100+ points, 25 assists, <10 TOs, and a couple big Pangos 3's. :D