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Bulldogs up the lead up to 15 and you felt like GU was going to pull away but SJU hung in there and then slowly steadily cut the lead, no big runs, just slow and steady and then it was down to three. That last minute was really interesting with all kinds of things happening. Out of bounds, fouls, made free throws, missed free throws, a big play by Bell taking the charge, a nice shot by Wesley and finally some made free throws by the Zags to seal the deal.

All tournament team included Sabonis, Wiltjer, and Pangos. All players receiving championship watches. GU shoots 53% from the field, 56% in the second half. SJU 37% from the field. GU took the lead for good at 14-12. SJU never quite went away. A couple times it looked like GU would pull away but it was 33-28 at half, the smallest half time lead for the Zags this year. It seemed when Obepka picked up his fourth foul and the Zags went up by 15 they appeared to be in control but SJU sensing some desperation went on a 7-0 run of their own. SJU was able to keep the lead under 8 for the final 6 minutes when Pangos handled the ball almost entirely for that period.

Santangelo noted it was fascinating to see who was going to step up when the the game is in the balance. Pangos of course, but Wesley was the guy who stepped up in the crunch. Santagelo noted Dranginnis, coming in cold off the bench made a nice play toward the end when SJU drained the two threes and Few needed someone to help shut that down.

Melson: Hudon says Here you are at MSG and Melson says I have to admit I was a little nervous but I knew these guys would have my back. How were your last 36 hours after learning you would play? I was ready to play, Few told me to always be ready. I can play better, but I am pretty happy.

Michaelson: It was a tough spot for Melson, he played unbelievably well,against a team that guards very closely. First game beyond remarkable for Melson. He has a good shot, we're going to see a lot of that. We learned some good lessons here. Free throw shooting tonight was horrible, 17 defensive rebounds we gave up, that was just horrible. We had 5 turnovers in the first three minutes and played terrible at the end. It was just craziness there, we're a lot better than that. We'll learn from these mistakes. This was a tournament team we just beat on what is essentially their home floor. And then they started breaking down MSG and somebody pulled the plug on Michaelson.

Hudson and Santangelo back on for minute and noted Melson took a shot to the midsection and as he was heading to the locker room post game noted he was a bit sore. Santangelo, chuckling told Melson he would be fine, after all his backcourt mate has a broken jaw.

I'm typing this on the fly and trying to get it on the board in a hurry. Apologize in advance for content errors or spelling!!! Also as Daniels noted in the pregame show SJU is a really good rebounding team which was reflected in the final rebound stats of 37 all, including 17 offensive rebounds for SJU. Also believe Hudson said this was the third game of the last four Sabonis did not miss a shot.

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Also believe Hudson said this was the third game of the last four Sabonis did not miss a shot.
Now that is an impressive stat!

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According to ESPN team stats Sabonis was 23-32 from the field before this evenings game. He was 6-6 tonight. Easy math, even for me, 29-38 for the season!

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Pangos named tourney MVP