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11-17-2014, 09:44 PM
Daniels noted SMU is a very good, well coached team with a lot of athletes, a team that will win a lot of games this season. Regarding the Zags, he noted the length of the Zags really bothered SMU. Also I don't recall the exact number, as I was driving while listening and had no way to take notes, but a significantly high number of Zags baskets were assisted which is indicative of how this edition of Zags shares the ball and how well they play together. Daniels said Kevin got the team off to a really good start early in the first half and the Zags closed out the half on a run which led to the double digit lead. Also the Zags came out in the second half and added to the lead. Actually praised Nunez for his contributions and noted Angel is a much better free throw shooter than showed this evening. Daniels said obviously the one sour statistic of the night was the free throw shooting. Santangelo said however, if someone had told him the Zags would go 8-20 from the line and win by 16 he would not have believed it. In fact were it not for the final 9 points scored in garbage time by SMU the real margin was 25. Hudson and Santangelo went on at length about how the Zags will make you pay if you make a mistake, and typically they will make you pay in a a hurry. Santangelo said that kind of thing can get into opponents heads pretty quickly as he talked about Pangos three steals and the speed with which the Zags can convert.

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Thanks for the recap

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Nunez did a great job coming off the bench in the first half. I was really impressed.

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Early post game press: "They're deep. They've got great guard play. They've got depth and size," Brown said. "I love `em."