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04-22-2014, 07:27 AM
We've been writing alot about the incoming recruiting class (along with Kyle Wiltjer) and the amazing thing to me is that the Zags have so many returning vets to go along with this team. I believe that this is something that makes Gonzaga such a good team year after year, and that it could be the main thing that has contributed to these long winning streaks that Gonzaga has. It seems like every year we lose two or three guys but have four or five guys in the nest waiting for the baby chicks to arrive. Two years ago Gonzaga had maybe it's best team ever, and they achieved monumental heights. They were the first Zag team to be rated #1 in the country and a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, and three very good players graduated that year including two players who signed NBA contracts. They were the first team to win 30 games. So of course everyone had low expectations for last year's team, and many fans who post here on this Board felt that maybe for the first time Gonzaga might not make it to the NCAA tournament. And what happened? I believe they were tied for the second best record of all time with 29 wins (just one short of the '12-'13 team),

Gonzaga once again graduated three very good players but once more there are a lot of talented birds waiting for the new chicks to arrive. There is 7'1" center P. Karnowski, who could turn pro after next season. And then there is Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell who will finally be seniors. This could be one of the best guard tandums in collegiate basketball next year. And there is Kyle Dranginis, Coleman and Nunez who all had very good seasons last year coming in off the bench. Finally there is Wiltjer who practiced with the Zags all of last season. These guys will bring stability to a highly regarded recruiting class and allow next year's freshmen to gradually learn the Zag system. Next years Gonzaga team has a lot of promise and the expectations may be higher then ever since 2000. Two of the best Gonzaga teams ever preceed them but the 2014- 2015 Gonzaga team could be the best ever, and in my opinion will surely keep the Gonzaga streaks alive. Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell will make sure of that.

Go Zags!!!

04-22-2014, 07:35 AM
'Born. It's Darwinian, though. There will be some disappointed players I suspect.