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04-10-2014, 08:49 AM
Kyle gets some press


04-10-2014, 11:07 AM
Kyle gets some press


I feel very confident Kyle will fully replace Dower's scoring numbers and at least 50% to 75% of his rebounding. The WAY he scores will be very important , though, as we need another INSIDE presence on the low block at times- keep in mind Sam stepped out a lot for his points as well.

Pangos, Kyle Wiltjer, Karnowski, are the first 3 scoring options- not necessarily in that order every game.

We automatically should pick n roll, pick n pop BETTER next year and have a new way of keeping Karno out of foul trouble- use Wiltjer on more screens.

I also like what this SHOULD do for Drainginis and Nunez and Bell- FREE them up for more open looks.

Here's to a speedy recovery for Pangos and a more consistent senior year from Bell and Pangos.

How should our team defense change next year for those of you in the know??

04-10-2014, 01:38 PM
Looking forward to seeing what Wiltjer can do as a Bulldog. Has GU ever had a player on its roster who has a "ring" from winning a NC on another team? (Do players on the NC team actually get rings? Seems like the cost of making championship rings might cut into the alcohol and private jet budget of NCAA administrators.)

Hopefully Kyle will represent a major step forward for GU as a program, but as my broker always tells me on days like this when the market is down nearly 300 points, past results do not guaranty future success.

Go Bulldogs - Next Year!

04-13-2014, 07:53 PM
Wiltjer should be the WCC newcomer of the year. I also think Wiltjer will be 1st team all WCC next season.

04-13-2014, 09:17 PM
And all American.

06-09-2014, 10:25 AM

Top impact transfers in 2014-15

No. 2 F Kyle Wiltjer and G Byron Wesley (Gonzaga):This duo could make the 'Zags a preseason top 10 team. Wesley led USC in scoring (17.8 ppg) and rebounding (6.4 rpg) last season and will give an already dynamic Bulldogs offense more firepower. As a 6-10 big man, Wiltjer's length and long-range shooting are perfect for Gonzaga's system. The Kentucky transfer shot 39% from beyond the arc in two seasons with the Wildcats.

Kyle Wiltjer was a three-point marksmen for Kentucky and now he'll try to do the same at Gonzaga.