View Full Version : Saying goodbye to 2013-2014 season

04-08-2014, 07:52 AM
It was a very good year for us Zag fans, imo. It was so exciting and fun, and a nail-biting season. You never really knew if we would win or lose and that made it exciting. It was probably the most challenging season since the "mushroom season" because of all the injuries. I hope we never have to see a season with as many injuries as we had this year.

I will really miss our seniors, Sam, David and Drew. They gave us so many good memories this year. All three of these guys really improved from last year. Before the season even began I thought Sam would have a good year. I felt he had the potential, and when he got to play more he'd excel. I'm really so happy that he got the MVP of the conference tournament. I know he worked hard to build up his body to allow him to become the very good player he now is. And David finally was able to quiet most of his doubters, and I really did enjoy his game this year. He gave us everything he had, and a little more, imo. When it came to toughness, David was always there leading the pack of bulldogs. And finally Drew was awesome, imo, and especially when he had a larger role to play when Dower and Bell were injured. And he helped win some pretty important games. I enjoy 3 point shooting and it was so fun watching him shoot when he had that feeling, and for the majority of the year, he had it.

I think that this team finished the season with the second most wins in a season behind last year's team. I'd say that that fact alone speaks volumns of how good the team played. They won the conference championship by two games, and even though there was plenty of drama and doubts from fans, they made it through those last four games pretty well. It was a season that we got to see Kyle Dranginis improve alot. He became a solid player, and gave us many great games off the bench. He has a ways to go to become the complete player that we need him to be, but I feel he will. I look forward to see continued growth as a player next year, and if he puts in the work, and gets more confidence, I feel he can start next year.

I was somewhat disappointed, and maybe the word is frustrated, by the play of Nunez and Coleman. I guess my expectations were higher for them. However, they both gave the team and fans alot of great memories. I can hardly wait to see them play next year, and am looking forward to seeing them provide very solid minutes off the bench.

Most improved player? Wow! Now thats a hard one to answer because SO MANY players improved so much. We needed them to improve and they did. That's what a Zag does, imo. But i would give the most improved award to Karnowski. He was such a solid player on defense, and improved every week on offense, and we saw his best game in the NCAA Tournament. He can be so much better next year and I really expect great things from him next year. Im so excited about him.

So I just want to say thanks to the team for giving me and all fans so many great memories. You guys were a very, very exciting team to watch, and achieved a height that most fans probably did not expect. And finally, I want to wish the graduating senior all the best as you go forward, and will expect to see you back at GU from time to time. I look forward to seeing what yu do next. Good luck.

Go Zags!!!