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03-17-2014, 11:18 AM
I was thinking how it seems like just a short time ago that we were all waiting for the season to begin after the long offseason. We couldn't wait for the games to start, even couldn't wait for just the intersquad game to be played. Now, it seems like it has only been a blink of an eye and we have just a week or two and the season is over. Then, the LONG offseason of speculation and anticipation begins again. Its an interesting cycle.

So, what is my point ? No point, just amazed by how time passes so quickly. Did the season seem like that to you also ?

Philosophically Yours,


03-17-2014, 12:50 PM
This season really did fly by. I closed on a house the same week the season started in November 2013. I had my satellite dish installed before I even had a couch in front of the TV and was ready for tipoff on November 9th. Between moving, unpacking (eternally, I think), projects, and ever-persistent employment, I have watched fewer games this whole season than I did in one month last season.

That said, I have gotten to go to the Kennel a few times, and will be enjoying the NCAA 2nd-3rd rounds in person for the first time. More financially invested this year, but less embedded. It's been a weird season, for sure. A part of me is optimistic that the "decline" from last year will turn into giddy surprise after an impressive run from our team this year. Maybe we really bring it and win two tough games, and meet a 4-5 seed in the Sweet 16 with a chance at the Elite 8!


03-17-2014, 12:57 PM
This season has really really flown by! I am really proud of this team in particular because of all the battles they have faced all year. I knew it. I just KNEW that the win against West Virginia would be huge. And it turns out that it was because that really set the stage for the grit and grime that this season has placed on us this year. This season hasn't been just a battle. No, let me take that first line back. This season has been a war. A freakin' WAR. We have played in some really tough environments this year and lost to some really good teams in the process. But we won every single game at home, and that is what I am most proud about.

I happy we made it back to the NCAA's again, and I am really hoping we can make a run. We may have won the WAR in conference (losing players to illness, injuries and such didn't effect us), now lets go back to battle and win the WAR in the NCAA Tournament.

Go Bulldogs!