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03-01-2014, 09:29 PM
Hudson: GU dominates SMC. Giusti's three pointer at the buzzer was just the Gaels 12th bucket of the night. SMC never got in any offensive rhythm. Violette: Waldo and Holt got nothing. GU's defense turned into offense. GU grew the lead in the second half from 20 to 34, second game they came out and did that in the second half after two poor showings in the beginning of the second half.

Michaelson: Hudson noted a great 80 minutes of basketball in the Bay area this weekend. Michaelson said a great defensive effort. Guys played with great energy and executed the game plan. SMC 7-34 from 2 and they are one of the great shooting teams in the NCAA. The game was incredible, we were pretty darn good offensively shooting 57% and won the rebounding war convincingly. I'm so proud of Sam this season, he did a fantastic job tonight. Barham did a great job tonight scratching clawing, he's the ultimate character kid, he hit a bunch of three's got some rebounds. Different feeling this weekend than last weekend. We know we have our work cut out for us. We know how competitive this league is and the other teams will be playing for their lives in Vegas. We will be resting our kids and finding the happy medium between preparing then and getting them ready for the stretch run.

Hudson: SMC held to worst offensive game of the season. A 19-2 run after Levesque hit the opening three the Zags led 19-5. The Bulldogs were so good tonight SMC couldn't get back in it. SMC could never get things turned around tonight. It was incredible how dominating the Zags were. SMC had no answer tonight, Bennett could find no answer for the Zags tonight. The Bulldogs were playing within themselves, they weren't running around doing crazy things. GU now has a 6 game winning streak over the SMC. GU led by 10 points or more the final 32 minutes. The final score could have been worse as the Zags slowed things down a bit toward the end. Few kept the starters in long enough for them to figure out that's the kind of game they have to play in the WCC's and moving on to the NCAA's. Violette noted but for the end of bench players finishing off the game the win could have easily been by 40-45 points.

Stockton: This is as fun as it gets for us. I've never seen anything like this done in this building by any team. We have to keep playing like this. We felt bad last weekend. It is unacceptable for this program to lose two in a row. We just decided to watch each others backs. We stayed in the gaps, executed the game plan and rebounded. Holt is their playmaker and their main guy, if we can do what we did to him it a great thing. We will enjoy the game tonight. Every time I feel like we can enjoy a game like tonight we lose a game and I don't want to do that again. Hudson noted Stockton had 5 boards tonight to go with his assists.

Section 116
03-01-2014, 10:06 PM
Associated Press game recap: http://scores.espn.go.com/ncb/recap?gameId=400506815

Next game will find Few looking for win number 400!

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Thanks as always!

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Thanks section, we all appreciate the recap!

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Yes thanks. KGA wasn't streamed over the internet last night. Was that DS or Jazz? DS keeps that up and some here will call him a "hater". Hope it rubs off on the coaching staff.