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02-24-2014, 12:52 AM
Despite all the weeping wailing and Gnashing of teeth the season is not over. The last chapter for this years edition has yet to be written. Will the guys fade into sorrow for snapping the 14 year streak OR do they get up and land a haymaker? This is how I see it and what I'd do....

Do you remember Dremond Green for Michigan State? The guy could do it all..just a one man wrecking ball. I think we have one of those guys...Sam Dower. Sam is one talented dude..with one of the sweetest touches of any big in college BB. Problem: We need Big Sam to man the boards and giving him MORE freedom offensively could kill us as far as rebounds go. But, right now we need ALL the offense the big man can muster AND we are getting beat on the boards. Solution: Go down to 2 guards and Insert NUNEZ...do I know why Few doesn't give him more minutes? I'll venture a guess...cause he isn't up to speed on the offensive side....he does look lost at times in the halfcourt set BUT, he can take the space below the hoop where Sam currently stands freeing up SD for more offensive oppurtunities. Sam's free ranging may also help our rebounding because their big will have to follow. If Nunez is anything, he's a stud....that move he put on SD last night was shocking...the guy is just too good of an athlete to let sit. We also have Edwards and Mieklle as back ups....and Coleman at the 3 when the need for speed arises.

PK is playing well and I'd continue with his residence in the paint AND he wouldn't be going out to the top of the key to harass guards with NO effect...he and the paint are one.

The GUARDS...subject of so much controversies. Realistically, we really don't have that many decisions to make. KP will be limited until hes back to full speed/effectiveness. DS should get time to help feed the bigs...and GBJ/ KD will get the rest. We actually aren't all that deep at the guard slot. I'd start GBJ DS AN PK SD..with Kyle giving GBJ a rest. After watching GBJ on replay I think the guy is ready to let er loose. I also think 3 bigs will be the difference on the boards....and may cut back on PK fouls. This team really doesn't have a lot to fix...they just need to stay focused and they'll be fine. You will learn more about yourself losing then you ever will winning..the guys will win the last 2 games and win the tourney..they will not end the 14 year streak. I would not want to be their opponent come next week. See ya in the sweet 16......I also want to see another WCC team make it to prove that the WCC is better than most think. GO ZAGS!

02-24-2014, 07:40 AM
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