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02-02-2014, 10:26 AM
LINK (http://www.spokesman.com/zags/blogs/sportslink/2014/feb/01/zags-ride-defense-past-usf-again/)

“It was a great trip in that we didn’t play particularly well on offense – for stretches we did tonight – but we played really tough, hard-nosed defense,” coach Mark Few said. “We won both games on the defensive end and that’s a good thing for us. These guys will solve the offense.

“We were switching coverages all night, almost every possession and their attentiveness to it was the key. Both in the post and on ball screens we were switching almost every time. That takes concentration and communication.”

Meehan's Day After Post: DAY AFTER (http://www.spokesman.com/zags/blogs/sportslink/2014/feb/02/day-after-san-francisco/)

USF’s Mark Tollefsen on why GU’s defense bothers the Dons: “Like coach (Walters) was telling us, we haven’t been in many games with this kind of atmosphere. Some of the new guys haven’t experienced it yet and we might have come out a little too fast, we were just rushing some things on offense. They were hard denying, all the way past the NBA 3, and that disturbed us a little bit. In the second half, we got back to how we play.”

From the SF Comical game story:

"We weren't efficient offensively," USF head coach Rex Walters said. "We just didn't make the simple play consistently over and over again. Some of that is the environment. Some of that is (the Zags); they're pretty good."

The Zags are good enough that only a day into February, they just about have the WCC regular-season title clinched. Gonzaga owns a three-game lead over USF and BYU, with St. Mary's 3 1/2 games behind. The Zags are a combined 4-0 against those three teams.

"They have a great combination of size, athleticism and feel," Walters said of the Zags.