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Section 116
02-01-2014, 09:45 PM
Violette and Hudson noted it was impressive the way the Zags closed the game out. There were a couple times USF hit a big three and the Zags could have succumbed to the pressure but they stuck to their "guns" and were very impressive on the free throw line. GU only 39% from the floor and 3-16 (I think) from three but the free throw shooting (83%) as mentioned was huge. Donnie Daniels: Kevin goes down with a little ankle in the first minute and Shem gets cut, Jen earned her money toinght. USF did a good job of extending the game but we did a good job of making the free throws, holding the lead at 8-10 points in the closing minutes. Sam has found his rhythm and is doing a great job. Dower and Karnowski are doing a good job of "playing big". Bell is doing a good job with defense, especially since coming back for the road games at SCU and USF. We didn't shoot over 40% in either road game on this trip and we came away with two wins on great team effort. Dickerson fouled out of both games against the Zags, Pinkens is undersized to play underneath and we did a great job on them in both games. They are both very good players. Now we have to take care of Portland on Wednesday. We'll have our hands full. We don't care what happens in Provo tonight, we can only worry about us. Dranginnis-12 rebounds tonight, I just have a routine of crashing the boards every time a shot is put up and I managed to get hold of some balls. Those 13 points we got at the beginning of the game when Kevin got hurt were big because they jumped out to 5-0 lead and we ran off 13 not knowing what was up with Kevin. Few warned us it was going to be physical tonight so we were ready for that. We figured out after Portland if we don't try hard and bring a lot of energy and go after the 50-50 balls we'll lose. The playing time this year for me has given me a lot more confidence. With Gary hurt I had to come in and those minutes really gave me confidence. Hudson: USF strategy of getting back in the game was pretty good for a while while they were making a quick bucket and they fouling but with GU making those free throws at some point you have to start throwing up the three because a quick layup for two and two GU fouls shots isn't going to turn around the game. Violette noted part of the problem with GU's shooting on the road trip was the need to get home and tighten up the ball screens. It wasn't just bad shooting on this trip, there was some poor execution. USF bigs were unable to use their quickness to take advantage of Dower and Karnowski because of good GU help. Violette made an interesting point regarding the possibility of the Zags clinching the league early. He said that can be a bad thing if the Zags head into the last 2-3 WCC games with the title clinched and there is a tendency to ease up and get sloppy and that can be a bad thing heading into Las Vegas and March Madness.

02-01-2014, 09:52 PM
Thanks for these recaps, Section 116!

02-01-2014, 09:52 PM
Nice report. Wish Zags wouldn't be so "delicate" in shooting treys on the road. It looks like they're shooting on egg shells (except for super-confident Gary Bell, Jr.).


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Thanks, scoop