View Full Version : GFAN62 on the game last night

01-30-2014, 07:44 AM
We looked pretty terrible in the first half. Where was Drew Barham? LOL! Only playing 6 minutes? Kept missing layups. UGH!!!! No threes in the first half. Turnover after turnover by Stockton, Coleman, and well, everyone. PK Looked really good with 8 points and a block in the first. Dower had 10. Roquemore had an outstanding first half, and kept this thing close. I was pretty worried when we had 20 points at halftime. That was very scary. I believe we had something like 12 turnovers in the first half? I recall the keys to the game set by the SCU announcers saying GU if they were to win this game they have to keep the turnovers below 12. Well that went by the wayside fast..... Kratch really had two BIG TIME (converted) three point plays, and PK and Dower had two fouls also at recess. Looked like this could be bad.

Then the second half came about and Gary Bell just went off and GU went on separate runs of 9-0 and 8-0 runs and it looked like we had this thing booked with 5 minutes to go. We still had some silly things happen like again turning the ball over. PK got three more crucial blocks in the half, and ended up with 4. Very impressed. And after all of that, we made a silly mistake on Roquemore by fouling him on a crucial (what turned out to be a) 4 point play. That swung the momentum. We know what happened with Sam at the end.

Overall very impressed by the toughness and grit of GU, really a big gut check. This game was HUGE. Dower after getting 10 in the first half, ended up with 3 in the second and we know where they came from... Didn't see a whole lot of the bench besides Coleman. Nunez was a non-factor.

I really believe that this win will carry us and help us just like the West Virginia game, especially with the new countdown being 6 of the last 9 now on the road. Big one Saturday against USF. I am really proud of Gary Bell and Sam hitting that last shot. Really preserved a win and helped us from getting that other bad loss so early on this trip. Hopefully our offense won't be this bad on the last 6 games. We will need some good offense to beat USF Saturday.