View Full Version : OT: Johnny can't read or write but he sure can play.

01-13-2014, 08:02 AM
Stumbled upon this article and it begins with this:

(CNN) -- Early in her career as a learning specialist, Mary Willingham was in her office when a basketball player at the University of North Carolina walked in looking for help with his classwork.

He couldn't read or write.

The thought that this goes on is extremely troubling and sad.

I'm sure some of you remember Dexter Manley . . .


Go Zags!!!!

01-13-2014, 08:38 AM
"Hill also said that Iowa State -- a land-grant university that takes many students from small, rural towns across the state -- doesn't separate academic support for athletes from the rest of the student population. Anyone can get the same tutoring as an athlete does."

If schools are interested in persuading people that athletes aren't being passed along because they're athletes, this is probably the most sensible thing to put in place. Most schools have huge tutoring resources dedicated to athletes (travel and practice alone make that almost essential) if you offer it up to all students, yes - expensive, it goes a long way to make yourselves look more legitimate.