View Full Version : Met Adam Morrison Thursday night

01-04-2014, 12:58 AM
I've met a few celebrities in my day, but was walking along the centennial trail thursday night and as I was walking through gonzaga and passing the Athletic Center around 830 I saw Adam Morrison walking to his car... from 50 feet away I was like "no f'in way, that's AMMO!!!, no it can't be.... YES, YES IT IS!!!" So unsure of what to say and not wanting to pester him I just told him I love what he's done and appreciate him as we passed each other and he said thank you.

I know, not the greatest encounter... but man, I've partied with Rajon Rondo at a charity event before and was obviously pumped, but just having a passing of words with AMMO was so much better. it must be all the spokane/gonzaga pride.