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Angelo Roncalli
11-15-2013, 09:48 AM
Huntington Prep plays on ESPN on 12/19:

14 GEICO ESPN High School Basketball Showcase Schedule:
Date Time (ET) Game Site Network
Thurs, Dec 5 9 p.m. Homeschool Christian Youth Assoc. (Texas) vs. Trinity (Texas) Trinity HS. Euless, Texas ESPNU
Thurs, Dec 12 7 p.m. Whitney Young (Ill.) vs. Apple Valley (Minn.) Apple Valley HS, Apple Valley, Minn. ESPN2
Thurs, Dec 19 9:30 p.m. Huntington Prep (W.V.) vs. Arsenal Tech (Ind.) Arsenal Tech HS Indianapolis, Ind. ESPN


11-15-2013, 09:57 AM
Huntington Prep plays on ESPN on 12/19:



Does anyone know if these elite HS programs make money for the school - a net positive in the account? I know they don't travel as much as college (who could?) but that is some serious travel for some teams.

11-15-2013, 10:07 AM
Does anyone know if these elite HS programs make money for the school - a net positive in the account? I know they don't travel as much as college (who could?) but that is some serious travel for some teams.

One of the key questions that always arises when talking about Huntington Prep is how the program is funded.

Fulford said it's not an uncommon question to him either, and he went in-depth to explain the financial backbone of the program.

"We have a fundraising group called the Elite Club that is similar to the Big Green (at Marshall)," Fulford said. "It's a scholarship fund that helps take care of the expenses that we have to keep the program running.

"We do a lot of fundraisers, but our program is basically solely on private donations from business people all over the Tri-State area. It's not like we have one guy, which for example, Findlay Prep has one guy that funds the entire program. We probably have 100 who give different amounts."

Fulford said when he started the program, he was hoping to have an operating budget of around $220,000 for each year to pay for the program's expenses.

He said the figure was based on what he hoped to get in donations, along with what he anticipated from ticket sales.

After the first year, he realized that amount was unattainable, and now the operating budget is about $150,000 per year.

Much of that budget is swallowed up by two principle costs: tuition at St. Joe and fees at the Marshall Recreation Center where the team practices and works out.

Every student-athlete playing for Huntington Prep is responsible for full price tuition at St. Joe, which comes out to about $85,000 annually for the team -- more than 55 percent of the operating budget.

Marshall Rec Center memberships account for nearly $23,000, meaning those two aspects swallow up roughly 72 percent of the operating budget right off the top.

"Those are overly expensive projects that we have to keep going to keep this program succeeding at a national level," Fulford said. "For us, the Marshall Rec Center is a huge recruiting tool. That's a $20,000-plus a year investment that has to be maintained because it helps us."

The rest of the money goes for expenses such as travel, gym rental for home games at Spring Valley High School and the Tri-State Hoops Classic, the team's host tournament which will take place Feb. 1-2 at Spring Valley.

Fulford also said that because of the team's standing nationally, several tournaments and showcases want Huntington Prep to be a key part of their event.

When the team goes on the road for such events, the tournament pays for expenses such as food, lodging and travel.

"These showcases we play in, we're not out anything," Fulford said. "People think 'Well, they travel all over the place to Florida and others' but we don't pay for any of that. Showcases are willing to do that because they know we sell out everywhere we go and they'll make the money back."

If the team schedules a home-and-home series with a team, each team normally pays their own way for travel, which is factored into the budget.

In addition to the Elite Club, the biggest supporter of the program are the host families who allow the players to live with them during their time in Huntington.

"We have some great host families and I'm really appreciative of everything they do for us," Fulford said. "They take on not only the role of host family but from a financial standpoint, they support the kids while they are here, and that can include tuition, lunch programs and other things associated with school. Without them, we wouldn't be able to do this."


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Interesting. Thanks styles.

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