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10-26-2013, 07:25 AM
Gonzaga has been working to become better known internationally--well my inlaws are working at it--- one village/city in Africa at a time.

My inlaws are missionaries in Rwanda and they sport their Zag gear when they are out and about.

Here is a post my mother in law just sent me.

"Mike and I were in a store in Kigali, all decked out in our matching Gonzaga shirts (thanks for the gift!). The lady at the counter tries to pronounce it and butchered it badly, but the people behind us said, "Oh, yes, we know Gonzaga. We went to Brigham Young--Gonzaga is the best team in our conference."

We are going to visit them in Rwanda during the Christmas season --so they are excited to see their grandson (and get a few new Zag shirts as part of their Xmas presents). :)

I had similiar experiences when I was in Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar a few years back----but it was with fellow soldiers commenting on my Zag tshirts---- positive comments around the program.

Where have you traveled internationally and had someone come up to you when you were wearing Zag gear?

Go Zags!!

10-26-2013, 01:30 PM
Oh yea we do
Last year it was Scotland....funny to hear them pronounce Gonzaga
Year before was Costa Rica and they all knew about Gonzaga
2009 was Placenia Belize and played hoops with bunch of kids who knew gonzaga....going back in February and plant to take bunch of zag shirts for the local school