View Full Version : Jeremy Pargo Mention in SI article (10.7.13)

10-09-2013, 11:41 AM
In 10/7/13 article on emergence of Cleveland Cavaliers PF Tristan Thompson as a near double-double player last year, Thompson gives credit to Jeremy Pargo for getting him started on switching from left-hand to right-hand.

After a morning shootaround in Phoenix last November, while players iced ankles in the courtside seats at US Airways Center, reserve guard Jeremy Pargo challenged Thompson to a shooting contest with their off hands. Thompson won so easily that Pargo told him afterward, "You should do this all the time. You look better. You look more natural. You'll always be a solid player, but you could be an All-Star." Thompson flashed back to those tens of thousands of jumpers. "But I'm lefthanded," he protested. "I got here lefthanded, and I'm going to make it work lefthanded."

Thompson was starting full-time for the struggling Cavs and hitting some of his floaters, but he couldn't forget Pargo's words. In early January, Thompson drove Rich Paul to the team's practice facility one night around one, curious if his agent would see the same thing his teammate did. They ran pick-and-pops, with Thompson shooting lefthanded, then right. Before a practice two weeks later, Thompson asked ball boys to videotape him launching 100 shots with each hand, and they discovered that his right yielded more buckets.