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06-28-2013, 07:25 PM
Lots of answers in this great FoxSports story (http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/greg-lafleur-reunites-with-son-los-angeles-lakers-center-robert-sacre-after-arrested-development-061413) about Greg LaFleur's arrest for solicitation (and acquittal) and the effect it had on his relationship with Rob, who earns my mydying respect for having his dad's back through the toughest times imaginable.

“He gave me a call and wanted to see how I was doing,” Sacre said. “He was extremely embarrassed and he wanted to apologize. I told him, ‘It happens — whatever happened, just know that whatever goes on, I’ll always have your back.’”

Sacre didn’t know it at the time, but that support meant the world to his dad.
Because of the demands of his job, LaFleur rarely had time to visit Sacre, either. But that all changed after LaFleur’s firing, and LaFleur spent a significant portion of the nine-month wait between his arrest and his trial in Spokane, visiting Sacre, Vinessa, and their son Quinton, who was born Oct. 4, 2011.

"He stayed in Spokane a couple of times, and we bonded, and I showed him around," Sacre said. "And he also became such a great grandfather (during that time). He was so supportive, and was always asking questions about the baby. He’s just been great, and I am really privileged to have him in my life."

LaFleur watched Sacre play in several Gonzaga home games before the trial, and after being acquitted, he traveled to Las Vegas to see his son play in the West Coast Conference tournament. LaFleur also made the trip to Pittsburgh to watch Sacre and the Bulldogs play in two NCAA tournament games, including a first-round win over West Virginia, opportunities he’d have never had if he would have still been at Southern.
In addition to watching his son play and bonding with his first and only grandson, LaFleur also used the opportunity to talk to Sacre about the incident in Houston.

“I was embarrassed,” LaFleur said. “It embarrassed my family and it embarrassed him because of the coverage that it received. It was in just about every newspaper, it was on all the sports talk shows. It’s not something you can hide from, and people would come up to him and ask him what happened, and that was a shock to him.

“But he supported me. He and the rest of my immediate family all know me, and they knew that something out of the ordinary had happened. Unfortunately, we all still had to sit back and just wait.”
The tale of Sacre and LaFleur’s bond sort of feels like the perfect ending to one of the most imperfect father-son stories you’ll hear during NBA Draft Week. LaFleur’s opportunity to catch up with Sacre didn’t come under the perfect set of circumstances, but sometimes that choice isn’t left up to you.

LaFleur is continuing to make the best of a bad situation, and he’s still trying to piece his own life back together. But as he prepares for his long-awaited opportunity at redemption, he’s also content reveling in the success and love of those around him.

“I’ve been really privileged to have the dad that I’ve had,” Sacre said of LaFleur. “It has been a blessing in disguise for the fact that my dad and I, we’ve gotten a lot closer since the incident happened. We’ve created a bond more so than ever before.

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Wow, what a great story!

Thanks, ZN.