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06-26-2013, 03:52 AM
Autobiographical book coming out ...


The player who had eyes behind his head also has a writers’ eye for anecdotes. For example, the night he got a speeding ticket as he was preparing to propose to his future wife. He was too miffed to follow through until a few days later.

The first time he touched the ball in an NBA practice, Rickey Green stole it. The first time he tried a shot, Jeff Wilkins swatted it with ease. As Stockton humorously notes, Wilkins rejected it with “extreme prejudice.”

The big surprise of the book is that he actually wrote it. He wanted to get thoughts down for his family, but as his project expanded, it became a book idea. There’s nary a swear word included, making it more than acceptable for Shadow Mountain, a division of Deseret Book. His main criticism comes at his own expense, saying that at the end of his career, small, selfish attitudes had begun to hurt the team.

“That was a really tough part to cover,” he said.