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06-23-2013, 03:54 AM
I am sure there was a thread on this, but I am not very good at searching, and when I did I think I got every thread that had a mention of Twitter.

Do many people here have Twitter? Who do you follow for a good source of Zags information?

Here is my handle @DalACBasketball

06-23-2013, 12:22 PM
Hello? Anyone there?

06-23-2013, 01:03 PM
I have a list in my sig...it's a little out of date, but I should update closer to the season.

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06-23-2013, 01:53 PM
I follow Pangos, Bell, Karnowski and Dranganis on Twitter. Harris and Olynyk still tweet, not so much regarding the Zags obviously. I don't believe Mark Few is a tweeter, not sure about the other coaches, frankly I never checked. If you are interested in the women's team Coach Graves tweets frequently, Shelby Cheslek ocassionally, Kiara Kudron and Maiki Viela are prolific tweeters, and Danielle Walters tweets fairly often. I would suggest you enter the names in which you are interested and see who comes up.

06-23-2013, 02:15 PM
Zag-related accounts I follow:

@ICPelite - InnerCityPlayers ‏ (Silas Melson AAU team)

@KampaignSilas - Silas Melson

@TheRecruitScoop - Alex Kline (recruiting site)

@RobDauster - Rob Dauster (Recruiting)

@gonzaga_probz - Gonzaga Problems (Just funny posts about life at Gonzaga)

@GonzagaBulletin - The Gonzaga Bulletin

@Adaye5 - Austin Daye

@jerrymeyer247 - Jerry Meyer (Recruiting)

@CSKABasketball - CSKA Moscow (Pargo's new team)

@Reid_Travis_22 - R2T2 @Reid_Travis_22 Protected account

@Coach_Cheng - Chris Cheng (Coach on Kevin Pangos DMNT)

@JoshPerkins03 - Josh Perkins

@chinooksradio - PDX Chinooks Radio (Mike Hart's team radio)

@Spokesman_news - Spokesman_news

@DontHa8Pargo - Jeremy Pargo

@JayBilas - Jay Bilas

@PDXChinooks - Portland Chinooks

@EyeOnCBB - CBS Eye on College BBall

@amespriority - Brad Ames (Elias' agent)

00_Chorale - 100% Chorale (Steven Gray's Roanne team)

@DraftExpress - Jonathan Givony - Draft Express

@chadfordinsider - Chad Ford

@SethOnHoops - Seth Greenberg

@WCChoops - WCC Basketball

@Ronny_Turiaf - Ronny Turiaf

@gonzagabuzztap - Gonzaga Buzz

@BrianBhas - Brian Bhas

@mrdowns22 - Micah Downs

@BigKellz13 - Kelly Olynyk

@ChoraleRoanne - ChoraleRoanne (Steven Gray team)

@TWCSportsNet - TWC SportsNet (Lakers TV)

@GonzagaBulldogs - Gonzaga Athletics

@Ang_nunez_1 - Angel Nunez

@ActivZag - Fabien Zaghini (Roanne Steven Gray)

@ChoraleNation - ChoraleNation (Steven Gray Roanne team)

@IndianaStateMBB - Indiana State MBB - Manny Arop team

@bbcokapiaalstar - BBC Okapi Aalstar (Derek Raivio team)

@ESPNLunardi - Joe Lunardi

@kenpomeroy - Ken Pomeroy

@franfraschilla - Fran Fraschilla

@Mathis_Keita - Mathis Keita

@Rem15Bakamus - Rem Bakamus

@SRJimm - Jim Meehan

@gonzagaproblems - Gonzaga Problems (fun tweets about challenges of Gonzaga life)

@####Zagsdontsay (https://twitter.com/####Zagsdontsay) - ####Zagsneversay (Fun stuff about Gonzaga)

@Heify42 - Josh Heytvelt

@MHjoseph - Michael Hart

@dbarham43 - Drew Barham

@Coast2CoastHoop - Coast 2 Coast Hoops

@ZagMBB - Gonzaga Basketball

@BattleinSeattle - Battle in Seattle

@Edge_Sports - Keith Kreiter (Rob's agent)

@LC_Recruiting - LeftCoastRecruiting

@EliasJMHarris - Elias Harris

@kcboard - Gonzaga Kennel Club

@dstockton32 - David Stockton

@JPBlanchette - John Blanchette

@KDranginis3 - Kyle Dranginis

@markfewcvc - Coaches vs. Cancer

@PKarnowski - Przemek Karnowski

@Rspangler15 - Ryan Spangler

@GaryParrishCBS - Gary Parrish

@GBell_5 - Gary Bell Jr.

@slipperstillfit - Slipper Still Fits

@ESPNAndyKatz - Andy Katz

@GoodmanESPN - Jeff Goodman

@JoshGershon - Josh Gershon

@JPBatista13 - JP Batista

@llcoollandry - G-Baby (Guy Landry Edi)

@KPangos - Kevin Pangos

@KellyOlynyk - Kelly Olynyk

@mattbouldin15 - Matt Bouldin

@DoloDower - Samuel Dower Jr.

06-23-2013, 03:08 PM
Wow, that's a home run of Zag listings! Thanks Zag Native!

06-23-2013, 03:24 PM
My twitter MVP: Slipper Still Fits: Most useful, newsy tweets about prospects.

Next: Fran Fraschilla. Regular, brief, smart.

Next: Andy Katz - lots of links to good stories, though not so much lately.

Who's your fave?.

06-23-2013, 04:51 PM
I like SSF, Katz, Greenberg, fraschilla, and Andy Glockner (Andy Is also a Soccer fan so He gets double points from me)

Don't recommend following players, unless you are okay with your timeline to have the sort of posts that people mock twitter regularly for. (What people are eating for dinner and that sort of stuff) Stick to the "news" guys

06-23-2013, 04:58 PM
Don't recommend following players, unless you are okay with your timeline to have the sort of posts that people mock twitter regularly for. (What people are eating for dinner and that sort of stuff) Stick to the "news" guysToo funny! I originally included a comment about the perils of following recruits on twitter, noting that I often start out following them, only to run screaming from the building when I see how illiterate or classless or boring and self-absorbed many of them seem to be. (For the record, Silas is at least pretty grammatical. So is Perkins.)

Likewise, while I love Matt Bouldin and have followed him forever, his rare posts are deadly dull, generally having to do with good eats or Yoga.

06-23-2013, 05:56 PM
Thanks for the list, ZN.

I just followed you, CZF so I hope to see good, entertaining tweets.

06-23-2013, 06:42 PM
ZagNative's list pretty much covers almost everyone I could even imagine thinking of. The only two I would suggest to add are Kelly Graves for the women's team. He goes in spurts, but is usually entertaining. I also enjoy Eric Reveno (coach from Portland).

Kelly Graves ‏@kgzag

Eric Reveno ‏@CoachReveno

I find Twitter to be an excellent way to follow sports news, once you find the right people. I rarely send anything out on Twitter, I just use it for entertainment and sports news. If someone was starting out and wanted Zag info, Jim Meehan and Slipper Still Fits, would be a good place to start. Most of the national college bball writers are good too, and you can figure out pretty quickly who you like and who annoys you (and just unfollow them).

06-23-2013, 08:27 PM
My list in my Sig is up to date.

95 handles that is a mix of Players, fans, media, and WCC accounts.

Zach Farmer and Will's WCC Blog are also great sources for all things WCC.

06-24-2013, 01:37 AM
Thanks everyone, some useful stuff.