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Bulldogs Season Continues At IRA National Championship

SPOKANE, Wash. –

ON TAP: The Gonzaga University men's rowing squad will send four crews to compete in the 111th annual Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Regatta that will take place May 31-June 2 on Lake Natoma in Gold River, Calif. The Bulldogs Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+, Varsity 4+ and Open 4+ will each partake in this year's national championship. This is the fifth time in six years Gonzaga is sending a Varsity 8+ crew to the IRA Regatta, having also earned a bid in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. The Second Varsity 8+ will appear for the fourth-time in school history.

WHAT IS THE IRA REGATTA? The Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Regatta represents the national championship for men's collegiate crew. The men's Varsity 8+ winner is generally regarded as the men's overall collegiate champion, though the IRA Regatta also features an overall points winner which earns the Ten Eyck Trophy.

IRA RACING FORMAT: Competition at the IRA Regatta consists of heats, repechage, semifinals and finals. In the Varsity 8+ heat, the Second Varsity 8+ heat and the Varsity 4+ heat, the two fastest crews advance to the semis. In the Open 4+, the top three advance. The rest are relegated to the repechage race, where the boats will then move into certain semifinals and then finals.

WATCH THE IRA'S LIVE: The ECAC will be live video broadcasting the 2013 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championships. The ECAC will broadcast 15 hours of live rowing action at the 111th Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Championships over three days of racing Friday, May 31st through Sunday, June 2nd. Viewers can access race schedules and links to all three days of racing through and view full race schedules and lane assignments at ECAC media partner www.row2k.com and the ECAC website at www.ecac.org.

IRA LIVE RESULTS: For live race results of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Regatta please go to www.ira.qra.org.

GONZAGA HEAD COACH DAN GEHN’S THOUGHTS ON THE UPCOMING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: “It is great to see the IRA Championship on the West Coast especially at Lake Natoma which we know well. After three and a half weeks of training we are ready to race.”...

Gonzaga Article Link (http://www.gozags.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=26400&ATCLID=208008660)

IRA National Championship Schedule (http://www.gozags.com/pdf9/2270686.pdf)

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2013 IRA National Championship Race Results Link (http://ira.qra.org/)

Zags Results in First race:

Men's Varsity Eight
MV8 H1
Order Entry Result

1 California 5:40.976
2 Brown 5:41.708
3 Cornell 5:53.783
4 Syracuse 5:57.329
5 FIT 5:57.865
6 Gonzaga 6:15.003

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Open 4+ Thrives On First Day Of IRA National Championship

GOLD RIVER, Calif. – The Gonzaga University men’s rowing team closed out the opening day of the 2013 IRA National Championship on a high note as the Open 4+ placed second in its repechage to earn a spot in Saturday’s top semifinal.

At Friday’s opening day – held at Lake Natoma in Gold River, Calif. – the Bulldogs raced eight total times, with the Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+, Varsity 4+ and the Open 4+ each racing in a heat and repechage.

The Open 4+ repechage was the best race of the day for Gonzaga. The Bulldogs ran fourth for nearly the entire race and were down to Holy Cross and Dartmouth but continued to hang on. With 25-meters left in the 2000-meter course the Zags charged through and went from last place to earn the second place finish.

“The Open 4+ had a wonderful sprint in the final 25-meters,” explained Gonzaga head coach Dan Gehn. “I was extremely happy with how they hung on and hung on and came back to take second.”

The Bulldogs finished the race with a time of 7:05.71, followed by Holy Cross at 7:05.95 and Dartmouth at 7:06.90. Pennsylvania earned the win, crossing the finish line in 7:01.08. With the top two finishes, both Penn and Gonzaga were awarded their spot in the top semifinal Saturday.

Earlier in the day, Gonzaga had finished fifth in their heat race with a tough time of 7:25.366.

Like the Open 4+, the Varsity 8+ bettered its time from heat racing to repechage racing. After taking fifth place in the heat race with a time of 6:15.003, the Bulldogs placed fourth in their repechage with a course time of 6:13.154.

“The Varsity 8+’s heat was so-so,” stated Gehn. “We really focused on the rep where they had a fantastic race. We had a two-seat lead on Holy Cross with 150-meters to go, they charged on us, we responded but they were able to overtake us in the last 10 strokes. It was a great race for them though; we just didn’t perform the last 10-meters.”

The Second Varsity 8+ had the most interesting day of all four boats. After placing fifth in its heat race at 6:23.419, GU had a break to recharge before their repechage. During that time, with winds picking up tremendously, gusting up to 15 miles-per-hour, their boat was knocked off their stand and its bow was broken. With an hour and a half before their next race, the Zags were able to borrow a boat from Syracuse and head coach Dave Reischman and continue racing.

In its repechage, GU led UC San Diego – who had defeated the Zags at the WIRA’s by XX seconds, all the way down the race course. Both teams shifted up and UC San Diego rowed through the Bulldogs for fifth place at 6:26.799. Gonzaga earned sixth, crossing the finish line in 6:27.333.

Rounding out the day for the Bulldogs was the Varsity 4+ who took sixth in its heat race at 7:11.707 and fourth in its repechage at 7:06.891.

The Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+ will each row in their respective Fourth Semifinal Saturday. The Second Varsity 8+ will not race till Sunday, when it partakes in the Third Final...

Gonzaga Article Link including Day 1 race results (http://www.gozags.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=26400&ATCLID=208046460)

IRA Day 1 Race Results Link (http://www.gozags.com/pdf9/2275985.pdf)

IRA Day 2 Schedule Link (http://www.gozags.com/pdf9/2275986.pdf)

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Open 4+ Will Race In Petite Final Of IRA National Championship

GOLD RIVER, Calif. – The Gonzaga University men’s rowing Open 4+ will row in the Petite Final of the IRA National Championship Regatta after placing sixth in the top semifinal Saturday. The Bulldogs, racing on Lake Natoma in Gold River, Calif., will also race in the Varsity 8+ Fourth Final and the Second Varsity 8+ Third Final to close out the national championship.

The Bulldog Open 4+, which placed second in their repechage Friday to earn a spot in the top semifinal, had to settle for their place in the Petite Final after taking sixth with a time of 7:03.63. The University of Washington won the race, closing out the 2,000-meter course in 6:28.50.

The Open 4+ Petite Final is set for Sunday at 9:12 a.m.

Gonzaga’s Varsity 8+ ended its semifinal in fifth, crossing the finish line in 6:10.80. It was the Bulldogs fastest 2,000-meters this weekend, besting Friday’s top performance by two seconds. George Washington University and Syracuse University placed first and second, respectively, with times of 5:58.44 and 5:59.60.

GU’s top boat will have one more opportunity to race, partaking in Sunday’s Fourth Final at 11:45 a.m.

The Varsity 4+ was the only other Zag boat to race Saturday and it claimed fifth place with a finish of 6:54.78. Jacksonville (6:43.10) took first, with Northeastern (6:46.36) in second and Drexel in third (6:46.56).

“Inconsistency has plagued this group all year long and the difference between the reps and the semis is another example of it,” explained Gonzaga head coach Dan Gehn after Saturday’s performances. “It is disappointing because it was a missed opportunity. Hopefully tomorrow we can perform at a high level.”

The Second Varsity 8+ did not race Saturday but will hit the water Sunday for the Third Final at 10:04 a.m...

Gonzaga Article Link (http://www.gozags.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=26400&ATCLID=208051060)

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Open 4+ Takes 11th At IRA National Championship

GOLD RIVER, Calif. – It was a record breaking day for the Gonzaga University men’s rowing Open 4+ as it finished 11th at the IRA National Championship Regatta Sunday; the highest finish in school history. The Bulldog Open 4+ placed fifth in the Petite Final on the final day of the regatta, held at Lake Natoma in Gold River, to capture 11th and best the 2000 Zag Open 4+ that took 12th.

The Open 4+ picked off Holy Cross College in the last 500-meters of the 2,000-meter race to finish fifth at 7:05.68. The University of Wisconsin won the Petite Final in 6:46.84 and captured sixth overall, while the University of Washington grabbed the top spot in the Grand Final with a time of 6:30.70.

The Bulldog Varsity 8+ claimed fourth place in the Fourth Final to finish 22nd overall in the nation. The Zags, racing in their seventh IRA National Championship and third-straight, earned a six-seat victory over fifth-place UC San Diego and was just two seconds behind third place Holy Cross.

The Huskies were crowned the National Champions with their Varsity 8+ victory. UW had a time of 5:39.68.

The last Gonzaga boat – the Second Varsity 8+ - ended the day 18th in the nation after finishing sixth in the Third Final. The Bulldogs, participating in their fourth IRA regatta since 2009, held on to a bowball lead over UC San Diego for to claim their tight sixth-place finish in a time of 6:16.38. UCSD ended the course in 6:16.55.

The US Naval Academy won the Third Final in 6:00.78 to finish 13th overall, while Washington once again won the event with a time of 5:51.07.

“I am very pleased with the racing today compared to yesterday,” explained Gonzaga head coach Dan Gehn after the regatta. “All-in-all it was a pretty good finish.

IRA National Championship Regatta - June 2, 2013
Gold River, Calif. – Lake Natoma, Calif.

Varsity 8+ Fourth Final
1. Dartmouth, 5:59.24
2. Drexel, 6:00.79
3. Holy Cross, 6:05.51
4. Gonzaga, 6:07.14
5. UC San Diego, 6:09.30

* Gonzaga finishes 22nd overall

Second Varsity 8+ Third Final
1. Navy, 6:00.78
2. Dartmouth, 6:05.28
3. Oregon State, 6:05.71
4. Stanford, 6:07.17
5. Holy Cross, 6:08.86
6. Gonzaga, 6:16.38
7. UC San Diego, 6:16.55

*Gonzaga finished 18th overall

Open 4+ Petite Final
1. Wisconsin, 6:46.84
2. Harvard, 6:49.30
3. Syracuse, 6:52.54
4. Pennsylvania, 6:54.98
5. Gonzaga, 7:05.68
6. Holy Cross, 7:09.50

*Gonzaga finished 11th overall

Gonzaga Article Link (http://www.gozags.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=26400&ATCLID=208060861)