View Full Version : Quick question: Meikle & Edwards Sr year stats?

raise the zag
05-21-2013, 06:57 AM
Luke averaged 14 ppg & 10 rpg during his Junior year for 4A Bellermine Prep.

Ryan averaged 13 ppg & 11.7 rpg during his Junior year for 2A Glacier High.

I was curious what each player averaged during their final campaign i.e. Senior Season?

Many times SR year stats are most telling given the fact the player is now a known commodity, defenses game plan for them, "Gonzaga signee" is mentioned, did they put in the work, handle the pressure, etc etc.

For instance, Gary Bell put in his finest season during his final season. When he was given the reigns and called upon to be "the guy", he went from 18ppg to 28ppg without skipping a beat. It was the same during his AAU play. His Soph & Jr years, he was primarily used as a set-up guard and defensive specialist, after Wroten was injured, he aggressively became the STAR. I expect similar things next season and beyond, although I hear his foot is healing slower than expected. Side note: possible intervention unless it improves by June.

Point is, how did these guys perform when the light was on them and they were asked to be 'the guy'?

I can't seem to find either players' most recent stats anywhere.

Please advise.

05-21-2013, 07:04 AM
Meikle averaged 15 points and nine rebounds per game.

Edwards averaged 12.8 points per game and 7.9 rebounds.

05-21-2013, 07:04 AM
And this thread goes down in flames in three...two...

Youre going to hear two answers, one pessimistic and one... well more pessimistic. "against what competition?" will be in there somewhere.

High school stats are not usually something of amazing accuracy either, but the girl trying to impress all the hot guys on the team while shes simultaneously texting on her phone tries to get close.

The real answer is I dont know their senior years stats. Last I saw Miekle was averaging all of like 4 points per game. but that could have been in a state tourny or some other smaller subset.

raise the zag
05-21-2013, 07:10 AM
Meikle averaged 15 points and nine rebounds per game.

Thanks ZN. I see Luke played status quo for his last season. Didn't improve or regress. Nice stats in 4A ball. An All-around type player/prospect. A stretch PF at the HS level and if he puts the time in, should translate well in a couple years at GU. Gordon Hayward-esque with his skill, pick 'n pop game, build, and attributes. He has excellent length and uses it well. Not afraid to shoot at any range. I think he'll be a pleasant surprise by his Sophomore season. Hard-working kid much like Gordon was. Given the size of his wrists and ankles, doubt he's able to put much weight on, but can add a ton of strength.

I wonder how Ryan did compared to his Jr season. I'm more curious with him as he's the mystery, unlike Luke.

Again, Meikle is a Gonzaga-type kid and is what he is. ...a potential wiry wing and/or face up PF at this level. Could project into a starting role if he puts in serious time/effort and weight training. He already has a nice shot, high level skill, and attributes.