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05-14-2013, 08:05 PM
Las Vegas pegs the Zags at 75-1 for a 2014 national championship. The usual suspects occupy the Top 10 spots:


05-14-2013, 08:17 PM
IIRC, GU was 50-1 right after the FF. Looks like losing Olynyk bumped the odds a bit.

05-15-2013, 01:02 AM
Only a fool would bet Gonzaga to win the championship next season. I love my Zags but not a chance they win it all.

05-15-2013, 08:51 AM
Especially if Few learns to let loose a little in the areas he needs to let loose in. Whatever those areas are. Few is not done learning and improving either. I see him breaking out of his shell more and more each year.

IMO, when Few decides that playing conservative in the tournament isn't the way to go, Gonzaga's reputation and recruiting will grow even more when we get that FF.

We were cold, pensive and conservative against Southern and WSU it was hard to watch. Few was loose and "nasty" during the regular season, but slipped back into the introverted micromanaging librarian type of person he really is. It squashed our loose happy confidence that we needed.

This is all IMO. and I am willing to change if anyone has better analysis of our issues in March. IMO, it comes down to Few and his preparation and motivation for March. Something isn't carrying over from the regular season to March and we will seek it, isolate it and destroy it!

05-15-2013, 10:22 AM
Only a fool would bet Gonzaga to win the championship next season. I love my Zags but not a chance they win it all.

Agreed. As there is no "other side" to these bets, the odds are nice to hear, but don't necessarily reflect any kind of true odds of winning it and often turn into more risk management than anything else.

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05-15-2013, 07:42 PM
Vegas Insider odds:


05-15-2013, 07:53 PM
So, counting down, we are tied for 27th. Not too bad!

05-15-2013, 07:58 PM
When you think about it, we had seven on the team get degrees, including 3 starters...and Vegas still thinks we are around 27! Lunardi has us as a 9 seed in todays Bracketology, which is 36-40, so Vegas thinks we are better than that.