View Full Version : John Stockton mention on Grantland

03-26-2013, 03:42 PM
Grantland ran an interview with long-time Sonics PG Gary Payton and John Stockton came up in one of the questions. Here it is:

Q: Who was your favorite guy to play against?

"John Stockton. I idolize him now to the fullest. I think he was probably ... not underrated, but everybody thought he wasn’t the guard to go against every day, that he was probably easy. They thought he was dirty. He was a guard where he wasn’t as athletic as us, he did it as basic as he had to. He set hard picks. People were mad because they knew he set hard picks, but they always got caught on them. We weren’t as smart as him. We were so big-headed thinking we could be more athletic than him and he would get us out of our game. We would get mad, get techs, and be sitting on the bench while he would never say nothing to no one. We’re good friends to this day. It’s just one of the things that I admire of him."

If anyone is interested in the article in general, the link is: