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03-23-2013, 11:36 PM
Is it the ability to defend the three, the weak WCC, should they change leagues, is it that in the WCC the Zags don't have to worry too much about defending the three; or one could say they don't even have to worry about defending the "two" at times, etc, etc,

An issue is that Tournament readiness is different from preseason and most WCC readiness. Simply, you lose and pack up. Until Tournament time most all is fine in Zagdom and back slapping is common practice.
But come March, something is happening. No? Fact is,Teams are typically better than they were in the pre-season and this year the first round game was a struggle.
For starters, the minutes can easily begin to tell the story.
Tonite: Kelly O. 39, Pangos 39, Harris 35, Hart 27; now I haven't done a thesis on the matter but my quess is jointly these four did not have these minutes during the season. Tonite, far different than Kelly. O being taking out typically 5 min. into most games ,etc. Difficult to play differently come the "big time" than you have been doing most of the entire season. One could go on and on and some do. Being out in the second round each of the past 4 years; is there a common thread or is it just the way the ball bounces?
This team was outstanding, and one of the best Zag teams ever. They deserve; Congratulations.

03-23-2013, 11:41 PM
Pantos routinely played mid 30 minutes. The others did not throughout the year

03-23-2013, 11:54 PM
We didn't go deep to our Bench against WSU cougars or the Illili. Those games were our worst games IMO. To start the season our deep bench was considered this huge strength, yet Few continued to try to limit that and play the best players all the time. In spite of the results not being as good when we used a 7-8 man rotation, we pulled this tight line-up back out when we needed to play to our strengths. Throwing out fresh legs and creating match-up problems is a good thing. Isn't it?

Few should realize that by the time we are in the dance after 33 games, our players could probably win the Southern game by themselves. This team was ready for the kill and their skills were at their peak. But our precision engine had a governor limiting our throttle. I saw it in their eyes against Southern and again today.