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Section 116
03-21-2013, 03:11 PM
Hudson-What a ball game here as the Southern Jaguars gave the Zags all they wanted. But once again the Bulldogs made the big plays down the stretch. They'll get critisized for this score but the name of the game is win and move on. The Jaguars went scoreless in the final tow and half minutes. It looked like Southern was out of it at 52-41 but give them credit for tying it up at 54. Pangos shot from the corner was huge. Santangelo said he had the feeling if the Jaguars held the score at a tie or one point he felt Beltran might hit the game winner the way he was playing. Olynyk for 21, Pangos for 16 and Bell for 11, no one else more than 5. Santangelo noted for whatever reason when it came down to it Southern went somewhere else than Beltran, whether by design or defense, he wasn't sure. Southern was more athletic and stronger inside than Zags anticipated.

Tommy Lloyd-we just told our guys, this is the best team we have ever had in the last four minutes of a game, we have two kids, sophomore, who weren't going to be denied. Defensively Southern packs it in, they really grind. They weren't calling any fouls but they did that all game. We weathered the storm whether it was crazy three pointers or no calls. Pangos and Stockton did good jobs on the pick and rolls, our bread and butter. Stockton played 29 minutes, with 7 assists and 2 trunovers. Hart made a few mistakes out there and Stockton picked up the slack. This arena really turned to Southern and the end of the game. We told the kids you aren't in the Kennel, you are on the road, you have to make the plays. They looked fear in the eye and stared it down. It felt like LMU first half and they we won the game and then we came out and played great on Monday night in Vegas and that is what we anticipate here. Wichita State is a rugged bunch.We anticipate a tough matchup. We don't really care what folks say about this win, we won and we're moving on!

Hudson said again there is no fear, there is no panic in this bunch they just play with no fear. This is their first game in the tournament as a #1 seed and they found a way to survive and win. LMU was a game when they were ranked #1 in the country and got LMU's best shot. (Nothing much different there)!

Pangos three point shot from the corner late in the game was huge. Most of Kelly's points in the game were in the second half. Harris did not play well, just 2-10 from the field but this team has so many differernt weapons when someone isn't going good someone else picks up the slack. Hudson noted Wichita St and Pitt both shot in the 30's, saying this time of the year it's not always pretty and the pressure mounts and the shots just don't go down. The Zags have to be very happy none of Beltran's buddies came along for the ride because Miller can really fill it up and the Zags would have been in serious, even more trouble. Southern missed 7 of their final 10 shots. Hudson said they do not know a game time for Wichita St yet!

03-21-2013, 03:15 PM
As always, thanks a lot 116!! Appreciate the run downs.

I think Hudson hit it on the head. There's no fear or panic in this team. Teams o the past would have spuddered, got down and end up with a loss. The mentality is to different with this team.