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03-12-2013, 09:14 AM
What a show last night, wow! The team played very well and once again, the stellar job done by Hart on the defensive end (he also submitted a very insightful counter-profileration strategy paper for WMDs to ODNI but we will stick to basketball for thread purposes) is very worthy of recognition. Hart absolutely locked down the MouthPiece. Really? 2 pts? More TOs than PTs? Hart is capable of just about anything at this point.

This got me thinking of a new saying I rolled out three times today already:

Daughter: Daddy, my pony's tail fell off and it can't go back on.
Me: Well, at least Mike Hart isn't guarding you.

Co-Worker: No way this issue paper gets done today without Jay's help. This doesn't look good.
Me: Well, at least Mike Hart isn't guarding you.

Needless to say, both recipients of the line were confused but it helps grow the myth of Mike Hart (who is very deserving of a myth by the way). Who is this Mike Hart character who is capable of these feats?

The force multiplier is if the recipient knows of Mike Hart.

Fellow GU Fan: I can't believe the cop gave me a speeding ticket. I wasn't going that fast.
Me: Well, at least Mike Hart isn't guarding you.
Fellow GU Fan: True. Good point.

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At least Mike Hart isn't guarding this thread.