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my "we're number one" thread.

apologies, I thought I had it on a new thread, and started typing right when the show started.
GoZags edit should place transcript here:
Mark Few on the Mark Few show, khq, spo, Sun nite
Hud: in place of Heister who is pulling a sled, errrr covering, the Iditarod in Alaska.

TH:Coach, about this season, undefeated in conference . . .
MF: Yeah, 16-0 is very difficult. No one has ever done that (because BYU was added). This is the first time. our guys deserve a ton of credit and we all need to enjoy it. People need to take a step back and really enjoy what this group of guys has put together.

I Hope everyone doesn't get too wrapped up in the NCAA before stepping back and saying, wow, this is (my words: right now, thus far) is something special."

Hud: (runs pre tape with heister-Eh interview).
GH: assess your year this year
EH: There's something special going on here. we've got a legitimate shot this year (at NC, I took this to mean).

GH: early on (freshman year) the talk was all about early (NBA) entry.
EH" back then I was hyped. didn't think about it. glad i stayed 4 years and think it was the right thing. I'm more rounded. I think I added consistent D to my game, and leadership. credit to RS. think I'm an all around player.
GH: You turned into a lunch bucke player
EH: yeah, credit to MH, see him doing it in practice every day. just awesome to become that pain in everybody's butt.
GH: what will you take away with you ?
EH: Incredible injuries. just kidding. friends, great games, student section, school.

GH: scoring and rebounding, your going to be way up there (5th in both is projected). one of the greats.
EH: didn't think about it but honestly, to play and pass great Zags before me means alot to me. It paid off. Its a great honor.

GH: 10 years from now, what will your gu memories be ?
EH: first thanks to the U.S. experience. my english has gotten better. I lost my thick accent. But I will remember so many great people, the community, those are things i will never forget. I really appreciate that. I'm really going to miss it and them.

Back to Few.

TH: What about number the number one possibility ?
MF:"If it happens it'd be an honor. We would be honored. But fully understand it doesn't help us score points, or get any better (Ref) calls, that would be nice. Nonetheless, there aren't that many things this program hasn't had. This is one of those. We've never been no. 1, been to the Final Four, or won a National Championship. We Haven't won 30 games yet, either, so the WCC tourney is our chance.

polls mean more this time of year. lot of home games. but at this point it carries a lot more meaning.
Go TEAM Zags !

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Default p. 2 about the number 1 ranking possibility
RayG: we need to stay focused. that's the reason this team is different. this team buys in and it's been successful.
TLloyd: you have to have an edge, trying to keep everyon focused and accountable. we're constantly analyzing, thinking of playing at a high level.
RayG: Everyone has areas to improve, or just needs to work to sustain what got us to this point
TL: We're sitting, thinking what can we do to get better. what's the next challenge ? Anything we need to spend more time on ? all that.

subway sub of week: DS. citing tough production vs. BYU
Go TEAM Zags !

P. 3
TH: 29-2, LV next, I see that as desparation on the part of some (teams). You ?
MF: Many teams are playing for their basketball lives. no one is in for sure. everyone is trying to put together some wins to get to the NCAA. we have to understand that. just like BYU. We need to bring energy, effort.

TH: playing a 3rd time at WCC next week, different ?
MF: everyone knows each other. It mostly comes down to matchups. what bothers you or can bother a team will be tried. It might be beneficial or not (due to familiarity). One interesting thing is we get the day off (Sunday --because of BYU) in between.

We're playing sat instead of sunday. And for the first time we have four teams with 20 wins coming in. That is significant. We anticipate getting better in L.V. when we see the level of intensity its a step up.

Didn't stop til show was over and then discovered it on my #1 thread. there's a little chat about the upcoming WCC tourney and some more on the possibility of the no. 1 ranking, plus some good stuff in a pretaped interview with EH. enjoy !

Full interview notes start at post # 49 at: http://guboards.spokesmanreview.com/showthread.php?t=44568&page=2

03-03-2013, 07:39 PM
Great show tonight. Awesome Elias interview, lots of clips of great plays over the week, and some great senior day stuff. The guys look like they have so much fun together - laughing and dancing after the game yesterday. Very nicely done by Tom Hudson, filling in for Greg Heister, who is off at the Iditarod.

Congratulations, coaches and players on the season so far!