View Full Version : How many for balance?

J-Mac Zag Forever
08-08-2007, 05:04 PM
How many 1's,2's,3's,4's and 5's provide balance for a team? Accepting there is no hard fast rule and a lot will depend on the type of players, it would appear that if the Zags get Clark and recruit 2 guards for next year there will be an over abundance of guards and a shortage of big men and small forwards. Could it be a problem if a number of bigs declare early (2010)??????

08-08-2007, 09:41 PM
Lets see - 2 years out: Josh, Sacre, Foster, Theo, Brown, Daye & Poling. All possible for 4 or 5 play. Yes I know, one might go pro, one might redshirt - MAYBE. Seems ok to me with bigs, even in the worst case.

08-09-2007, 06:55 AM
I think the best setup for GU next year, provided that this could change with unexpected events, injuries, unexpected stand outs, etc is a rotation of 9 guys getting at least 10 minutes of play which includes:
pg- 30+ a game (Pargo)
cg- 30 a game (Bouldin)
sg- 10+ a game (Gray)
sg/sf- 20 a game (Downs)
sf/pf- 15 a game (Pendo)
sf/pf- 15+ a game (Daye)
pf/c- 25 a game (Heytvelt)
Then there would be 45-55 minutes a game between Gurganious (sg), Ira (sf), Theo (pf), Sacre (c), Foster (c) and Kuso (c)...(sounds like a logjam at the 4/5 doesn't it?) and I really think that by the middle of the year, one or two of these guys will be getting more than 15 min/game while the others kind of move out of the main rotation.

Now, during the '08 offseason, Pendo and Kuso will be leaving...and I really think that at least one if not two others would be leaving as well. So far we have Gibbs and Poling coming in as replacements, and it appears that we'll probably be getting a pg for that recruiting class as well. No bigs will be coming in besides Poling...unless its something unexpected. Even so, during the 08-09 season, I really don't see a shortage at any position and if there were, the staff is amazing at finding juco talent.

During the '09 offseason, Brown, Pargo, Heytvelt and Downs will be leaving (if none of them sooner) and Osweiler will be coming in. I can only assume that between this offseason and the previous, they will have brought in a couple sf types. Still no shortage at center...and if anything happened that caused a shortage, again, the staff is great at finding juco talent.