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01-31-2013, 09:29 PM
Santangelo noted the Zags kept the throttle on tonight. There was no slippage from the first team to the second team to the second and a half team. Some guys got some minutes and some guys got some rest. Hudson noted Ireland was the leading LMU scorer but he had 11 points in the last 10 minutes when the game was long over. Also noted the Zags shot better from three than the foul line. Said it will be intereting to hear what the coaches have to say about that when they come out for post game interview. Donnie Daniels out to chat with Hudson. Hudson noted it was a happy victory, he and Santangelo had been lobbyig for a win where they could just kick back and enjoy the entire game. Daniels said we had 31 baskets and 24 assists. We started off good and kept it on "em". We were 13-21 from three. Everybody played double figure minutes. Only things we didn't do well was shoot free throws which we had been doing well. Bell really did well in the first half when we needed him to do well. Pangos only played 4 minutes in the second half. Karnowski had a career high of 8 rebounds, Stockton tied a career high of 7 assists. Daniels said what Stockton does really well with his assists is get guys layups. It was the first extended minutes for Karnowski in a while, he did some good things out there. He just can't get down on himself. Daniels was quite pleased that Karnowski swished the second free throw after airballing the first one. Daniels said that is a difficult thing to do. When LMU closed to 21-15 in the first half the Zags went on a 24-2 run and that essentially was the game. The guys followed the game plan. We expect a tough game at USD on Saturday. This game is over. Barham was out for a bit but about all I got was he noted everyone played well and Hudson congratulate him on his points and Barham said, "Hey, I had three blocks too!"

02-01-2013, 06:54 AM
Thanks for the radio recap, that covered the key points. One other stat I liked, the Zags had only 12 PF's, I didn't go through the Zags previous box scores for the season but that has to be a season low. No Zag had more than 2 PF's while 2 LMU players fouled out.

Regarding shooting percentages, 61.9% (13-21) behind the arc, 50% (3-26) from the FT line, you don't see that everyday with 20+ shots.