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01-26-2013, 07:47 PM
This is the first time in several years that I haven't worried before a big game or a road game what Zag team is going to show up (except the Butler game, but our guys didn't disappoint). Yeh, we have issues to work on but this team always comes ready to play. Great determination and energy. Our defense (except the threes that we concede) shows up each game, we make adjustments to our opponents' game and the refs, we are playing more physical as a team than we have in several years, we don't fall apart when the other team goes on a late run (although SMC came close to psyching us out), we get good help off the bench, and we don't have nights when the whole team can't shoot.

Because we are taking control of games we are supposed to win, it is almost like the coaches are able to use game conditions to work on stuff like a practice. After we tailed off on rebounding a few weeks ago, we started going after it, esp. EH, without worrying about whether we might get called for more fouls. Because our offense from GLE/MH has been light, DB and today KD are getting more time to "practice" under game conditions. Since our guards weren't taking/making enough shots this past month, well, okay, the last two games we open up 15-point leads, and have our guards take more shots until they work themselves out of a slump. All while not risking an "L." We have the luxury of focusing on one guy or another for part of a game to help him get on track because the rest of the team has everything under control. I wouldn't be surprised over the next two weeks/four games to see PK be the next one to be given more opportunity to work on his offense under game conditions.

01-26-2013, 08:14 PM
I really hope this is what Few is up to. He would be an evil genious to do that. More importantly though, I like that he's giving a little more time to some bench players to get used to working in the offense. Come March we're going to need every player to be ready to step up when needed (memories of Richard Fox vs Arizona in OT). Home games against middling WCC teams is the perfect time to get some gametime work in. Not to mention we have a solid rotation already.