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02-13-2007, 07:57 AM
I've got two daughters, both of whom have become big, big Gonzaga basketball fans. We've gone to games, and we watch games on television whenever possible. They have gear galore, and both of them have pictures of Rony Turiaf that they cut out of a newspaper with his big 'fro--they put them in frames. They are fans.

Anyhoo, there are two major problems going on right now:

1. They are now aware of what happened with our players. Both of them are mad. My youngest one seems a bit confused and sad. The older daugher acts mad and cynical. Personally, I think they are both massively disappointed, and I would go so far as to say with my youngest daughter that her little heart was broken by this episode. Do not underestimate how much kids will care about their favorite sports teams and players, especially when they grow up in an environment where sports is a big deal.

2. The 10 o'clock mountain time games on Monday nights are killers. Time and time and time and time again my daughter has been soooooooooo disappointed that she cannot see them play. I myself can't watch the whole game--I fall asleep. Going in person wouldn't be any better. I wish Gonzaga and the WCC would re-think this television commitment with ESPN. I do believe it hurts more than it helps, especially because it has systematically separated GU from a big and loyal chunk of its fan base. When GU plays during hours where my kids can watch, it is routine that they wear their gear all day long--my youngest daughter wears her blue #1 jersey to school on game days. Monday night games do not get that, as they seem deflated or disinterested since they cannot watch it. I think it's a bad deal. I wish the whole conference would go to Thursday-Saturday or a similar schedule.

02-13-2007, 09:19 AM
Predictable fall out that the apologists certainly won't acknowledge. I'm sorry that your girls hearts have been broken by the stupidity of these 2 young men. I hope that you teach them that this behaviour truly isn't reflective of the Gonzaga Community as a whole.

02-13-2007, 09:31 AM
No kidding, it's hard to be young and start to learn that the people you count on can't really be counted on... Hurts! I'm sorry your girls are having to go through this -- we all are, but it's more disillusioning for younger ones. :( Please try to help them (especially your eldest) realize that people make mistakes and fail each other, but that it doesn't mean we should stop trusting, respecting, or loving -- even if we get betrayed. Speaking as one who's been there, I can tell you that in the long run the built in cynicism will hurt more than the initial event!

Good luck!

02-13-2007, 09:41 AM
Speaking as one who's been there, I can tell you that in the long run the built in cynicism will hurt more than the initial event!

No better words have been spoken. It might be good for all to stop being so cynical and support these two, regardless of the fact that they made a mistake. I support the administration's decision regardless of how it comes down, but I also have concerns about the two involved and would hope that they come away from this with a new found respect for the world around them and the talents given them.

Calling them idiots and items of that ilk doesn't help. If it were a brother or sister of yours would you be saying the same thing? Would you be going around your family telling them what an idiot and moron your sibling is? Whether you think that they are or not, the best thing to do is what any family would do which is support each other in a time of need, whether that need be self-induced or not.

Zagco, this would be a perfect time to teach your kids about the mistakes other make and how to react to it. I assure you that the Administration at GU is concerned about them as people first and not their ability to play hoops. If you think differently I think you'd be falling into the trap of being overly cynical.

My prayers go out to the Heytvelt and Davis families in this time of need.

02-13-2007, 10:52 AM
I agree with the a lot of the above. This episode is a catalyst for two arrows, at least, in my "parenting" quiver. One, it brings humanity to the team which is sometimes lost on children. GU basketball is made up of humans, and as we all know, humans make mistakes. To me, this is a lesson in and of itself to my children--it reminds them that human role models or heroes can be flawed. Choices confront us all and even star GU b-ball players that are all over TV and on daddy's computer can make the wrong choice.

Two, drugs. Another opportunity to discuss the evils of drugs with my children. Both the physical aspects and the legal consequences. I will say that is not easy explaining the meaning of psychodelic though.

As for the game time, I'd rather have ESPN Mondays broadcasted to the nation than FSN Thursdays broadcasted to Spokane and Santa Clara, with the possibility of being bumped for the Oklahoma City Sonics.