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12-12-2012, 05:50 AM
vs K-State.

Happy Hump Day and its officially time to start talking about the weekend and another big game for our Zags...

K-State is 7-1 and winning games primarily due to rebounding, length, and athleticism.

In fact, they are considered one of the worst shooting teams in the country -- bodes well for us -- just 41% FG as a team, yet they are clearly one of the best overall rebounding teams in the NCAA and feature elite offensive rebounders.

For instance, per KenPom:

The Wildcats ranks as fifth-best team in the nation in terms of offensive rebound percentage -- they track down 45.9 percent of their own misses.

In addition to their 5th best offensive rebs %, they also rank 6th overall in total rebounds per game at around 45.

In their last game vs George Washington, they actually recorded the same amount of offensive rebounds as defensive. They had 22 offensive rebounds. :eek:.

Considering they shoot just around 40% as a team, yet track down 46% of their own misses...it becomes interesting.

Point is, we'll need every player hitting the boards, especially defensively. Not just KO & Elias as we did vs Illinois, yet GBJ, GLE, Hart, et al crashing on every shot attempt.

K-State has recorded double-digit offensive rebounds in every game they've played thus far. We simply cannot let that happen. And its not like they are launching a bunch of 3's either, they are cleaning up the glass at very high clip.

They've had at least 3 games with at least 17 offensive rebounds, which is unheard of in college hoops.

I think this is the key for Saturday. K-State is also no slouch defensively and have held most teams under sub-60 points, even keeping explosive Michigan to 70 was an accomplishment. They even held one team to 26 pts this season.

IF our guards thought Illinois, maybe even WSU brought pressure along the perimeter, just wait for K-State, who is longer and arguably more athletic at every position. I'd say more along the lines of Clemson, yet longer underneath the hoop.

Keep in mind, they feature 5 players who average 5 rebounds or more -- no other team in College hoops even compares to that statistic.

This is an intriguing match-up, but above all else, we'll need to clean up around the rim.

12-12-2012, 07:42 AM
In the loss to Michigan they got OUTREBOUNDED 42-28. They only had 12 offensive rebounds, so my guess is that Michigan did exactly what you're urging the Zags to do....keep them off the offensive glass. You also right about them being a TOUGH defensive team. Only one team has scored in the 70's or above and they only scored 71. Bruce Weber's teams are usually pretty good defensively.

I think their team was built pretty much the same way Illinois was. They have a 3 guard offense and the scoring focusses on them doing the scoring. They don't do it as well as Illinois does, imo. Their team is young. There are no seniors who start. The starting five has three sophomores and two Juniors. The ZAGS have played against both Juniors, Spradling and McGruder. They are both good guards. Their guards are also not quite as tall as Illinois. McGruder will like Paul at 6'4" and a tough defender and very good rebounder. He is their leading scorer but he is not as effective as Paul is. Spradling is 6'2" and their point guard is 5'11" about the same size as Abrams from Illinois. He is their second leading scorer. Neither McGruder's nor Rodriquez' shooting % are are as good as the Illinois guards.

Kansas State is not a good foul shooting team, no where near to what Illinois did to us from the line. And they do not go to line that often. Their shooting percentages from the foul line, 2 pt shoot and the 3 pt line are all lower than GU's. They way K State makes up for their poor shooting is by rebounding on the offensive boards.

K State is 7-1. Like GU they've only lost one game, and that was to a top 10 team, Michigan. And they only lost by 12, very similiar to GU losing to Illinois by 10 at home. The K State vs Michigan game was the finals of the Pre season NIT tournament in Madison Square Garden. Like their game against Michigan their game with us will be on a neutral court.

To me this game with K State is just as big as our game against Illinois. Both teams have one loss, and they were against very good teams. If we lose we will go down in the polls even further this time, and if K State wins they move into the top 25. Motivation is huge in any sport. IMO Illinois seemed more motivated then GU last Saturday. They played harder and played with more confidence.