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12-08-2012, 11:29 PM
some of you may recall some analysis i did 2 years and 1 day ago.


enjoy that light reading and you'll understand why while there's a lot i could talk about after this loss, i find myself coming back to the same issue i've hated for the 14 years i've followed this squad.


stats on our last two non-conf opponents (before playing us and vs GU) and our upcoming non-conf opponents. season highs in bold-italics


quick insights:

in terms of giving up the 3, our performance vs WSU was far worse. they hit season highs on makes and attempts vs our "defense".

illinois i think shows that it was those turnovers/generally wasted possessions that actually hurt us. we didn't exploit our advantages and they played into their strengths and our weakness.

for me, the red flag is butler...and potentially ok state due to their home court...and i guess baylor as well as they shoot decently well and can get hot. okay, i have no idea what to expect.

feel free to print off the sheet and update as we go along. i'll do the same and publish the results here.

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12-17-2012, 07:02 AM
kansas state shot 6-18, exactly matching their season averages...i'll update the table later.

12-17-2012, 08:19 AM
Gj Tobi. Just digging a little deeper, the way I see it is the 3pt defense is going to be a weakness outside of that one game where it is stellar. Just need to keep the 3pt defense tighter for key players. For example, in the Illinois game, Abrams (29%3pt) hoisted up 4 and made none. Push the defense to clamp down on the better 3 pt shooters (Paul will be the best athletic player GU faces until tourney time comes around. Also GU was effective on Griffey but Richardson exposed the defense at times. Also for Wazzu, stats suggest Woolridge, Lacy, and Motum. Kernich-Drew went 0-5 but Lacy & Motum really put it to GU. K-State was on par and only McGruder seemed to force the issue (he looked awful). So I would say for Baylor, come out hard on Heslip and Jackson and if other players hit the 3, so be it. For the Pokes, Forte will need the BP treatment. For Butler, seems to be more difficult though primarily Clarke. It is a team effort by far and two main wins (UNC & IND) and two losses (X & ILL) had major disparity in the 3pt shooting department. Butler looms large.