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Zag 77
11-26-2012, 09:55 AM
Mike Fitzsimmons is man enough to eat crow following the Cougar win in the Apple Cup:

I'm Mike Fitzsimmons with commentary on 920 - KXLY......

Now there is some joy in cow town...

and I stand contradicted....

no one saw this coming

the ending wasn't predicted...

The Dawgs self-destructed and squandered their lead.

WAZZU took advantage and played well indeed.

the Dawg place kicker missed... but the Cougar did not

and the Cougs got the trophy for which they hard fought.

The Cougs didn't get lucky. They put this one away

WAZZU was the best team on Apple Cup day.

They played with precision. They did not let down

and their toughness provided an Apple Cup crown.

Twas a big day in Pullman for the crimson and gray

a bad day for Dawg fans, one simply must say.

It makes Wazzu's season, there's no doubting that

to the Cougs go the kudos, and l tip my hat.

I expected a much different end to the day

but one never knows when its Apple Cup play.

The records mean nothing....stats don't tell the story

it's a different dynamic when these teams play for glory.

A salute to the Cougars of WSU...

you certainly did what you came to do.

You defeated the Huskies, and you wear the crown

you played like champions. You did not bow down.

You defended the honor of the crimson and gray

and from this great contest you will take away...

memories I'm certain you will never forget

with a win that was one of the best victories yet.

Yes, there is joy in cow town. The Cougs calmed all fears.

It was one of the best games WAZZU played in years.

They defeated the Huskies, a taste sweet as wine,

while the dawgs simply answer..."wait till next time."

With commentary on 920-KXLY, I'm Mike Fitzsimmons

11-26-2012, 11:03 AM
So much joy that one coug fan decided it was a good idea to sucker punch a husky player while storming the field. A real class act.