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11-08-2012, 08:40 AM
Players of Import: Foreign players in area colleges on the cover: Brock Motum WSU Australia, Venky Jois EWU Australia, and Elias Harris in a great 2 page pic on the cover. (Not sure you can get it online.)

Page 05 of the section has a full page on GU, pics of GBJ, and Guy.



“Our starting five and our second five, it doesn’t really drop,” Harris said. “I feel like it’s consistent and that’s going to be really helpful during the season.”

“We’ve had a great run of guards at Gonzaga and certainly there’s a great group in the WCC right now,” GU head coach Mark Few said. “I love the ones I have in Gary and Kevin. They had remarkable years for freshmen and David (Stockton) is as tough as they come and has a great feel for the game.”

“Przemek is going to be a very good player,” Few said. “He can pass very well, nice touch, his feet are good and he runs the floor. But we have three that play at or around the hoop in Elias, Sam and Kelly that are very, very good players. ‘Shem’ has hit work cut out for him to get time with those other guys.”

“I listen really closely on Selection Sunday to the message they try to send with the seeding and even the selection,” Few said. “It comes down to, we all have nonconference games and what do you do with those nonconference games? You can control that. It seems to me the committee keeps telling us to go out and play other NCAA tournament teams.”

Much more at the link,roster, 5 keys and a short articll on GBJ difference maker.

Of course you can also link up with articles on the Huskies, Eagles and Cougars, and Vandals.

Then there is the article to go with the cover photo:


Great info on the foreign players in the Inland Northwest

Fans once needed a roster to learn about their favorite college basketball players. Nowadays, a map would come in handy. One of those spinning global maps.

Area Division-I schools continue to reach across borders and oceans in search of talent. Five of Gonzaga’s 12 scholarship players were born outside the U.S. Eastern Washington has six international players – three Germans and three Australians. Washington State has a trio of Aussies. Idaho doesn’t have a foreign player this year, a first in coach Don Verlin’s five seasons.

And there is a another story about George Trontzos, a GU player from Greece in 1959. And an "All Foreign Team" and Quotes from foreign players about the biggest surprise they had when coming to America. And a story about "Ambassador Lloyd."

If you don't take the S-R and live in Spokane--try to get your hands on this special section.

(There is a also a measly 2 pages devoted to area WBB.)


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Forgot to add that there is a page on Whitworth and one on junior colleges (NIC and CCS). It notes that Chris Sarbaugh has secured the starting point guard position at NIC.


It doesn’t stop there, though. Redshirt freshman Chris Sarbaugh (Gonzaga Prep), who transferred from Gonzaga University, has secured the starting job at point guard.

Phay has been impressed with Sarbaugh’s transition to NIC.

“You split up the team for scrimmages and 90 percent of the time the team Sarbaugh is on wins,” Phay said.


Zag 77
11-08-2012, 09:37 AM
7-1 George Trontzos came to GU in 1959 from Greece. Fascinating story I had not heard before.


Ex-Whitworth Coach Jim MCgregor strted the foreign pipeline in the 1950's and steered Jean-Claude Lefevre and Trontzos to GU.


Tommy Lloyd talke about recruiting in Europe:

Gonzaga assistant Tommy Lloyd compared traveling overseas to a TV show: “It’s a version of the Amazing Race. That’s how I approach it.”


Many GU guys on the S-R All-Foreign team:


GU and other foreign players comment on adjusting to life here:


11-08-2012, 09:38 AM
Chris will play D1 hoops. Maybe not for a big NCAA team, but he will get a transfer to a good school in two or less years.

11-08-2012, 12:41 PM
Chris will play D1 hoops. Maybe not for a big NCAA team, but he will get a transfer to a good school in two or less years.

Hope he knocks everyone's socks off and ends up back at GU. Love having local area players on the Zags (not to say I don't llike the other ones too).

11-08-2012, 12:58 PM
I hope we might get Chris back if he develops like I think he can. Might take 1 -2 years but he has time. Such a nice kid. Tough too.
He didn't think he'd get court time at GU. I'm not so sure about that if he does what he can do.