View Full Version : Must Watch ESPN Feature on 49er Linebacker Patrick Willis

10-30-2012, 04:21 PM

I ran into this article on 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis this past weekend. Within the article is a video feature that ESPN did on Willis from 2011 that is about 12 minutes long. While the article is good, the video is extremely moving and is a must watch, regardless of whether or not you’re a football fan. It starts with Willis in his car driving into San Francisco to move into his new 5 million buck home for the first time. You next see Willis standing in a dirt patch in rural Tennessee where he grew up. Willis may have endured the most horrific childhood of any sports figure I’ve ever heard of. His story is too insane to recount, but the most moving part is Patrick’s continued efforts to reach out and help his Dad despite the fact that he beat him, abused him, and stole from him to support his various addictions. His Dad is still out of control and is in total denial. From Patrick’s viewpoint, he has an obligation to his Dad because he at least had some level of involvement in his life….his Mom just abandoned the family in a beaten up trailer with no running water, no power, and no plumbing.

The guy is an inspirational story if there ever was one. His foster parents are heroes as well.