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10-27-2012, 06:36 PM
It was sooo nice seeing the Zags play again. The student body was great. I love that Kennel Club. The favorite part of the game for me was when the starters came back onto the court and Bell and Pangos lit it up from the outside. I love their 3 pt shooting. I was very pleased with Stockton's hussle and passing. He looks better on defense. Gary Bell is one heck of a 3 pt shooter. Wow!! The defense played very good the first half. Foul shooting overall was not good. Finally, PK looked very good to me, very good. I really enjoyed watching him. I think he's taller than 7 foot.

I thought Dranginis did well for his first game as a Zag, and improved the second half.

10-27-2012, 07:24 PM
Karn is as advertised. Good qualities that will refine over time. I've always been a Stockton supporter so of course I'm happy seeing him play better than he did basically all of last year. Kd and drew need to get some more minutes and I think quite a bit hinges on those two being able to come in as subs and give quality play. Dower i m not surprised by. I agree with somthing I read earlier about how he may be the 4th big man despite all hype. Bell and pangos looked relaxed, confident... good. I still like mike hart. Passing didn't look great to me but not terrible. I triede to watch the intangibles and this team should be fun to watch no matter what.

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10-27-2012, 08:07 PM
Stockton, Hart, and Edi look better than last year. Edi looks like he naturally fits in the offensive flow now.

Karnowski will be a monster. He will dominate the stat sheet when he drops the training wheels.

With respect to playstyle, Barham looks like a Monninghoff clone. Perhaps better situational awareness though.

Bell, Pangos, and Harris look like locks for All-WCC. They are at post season level right now.

The only dissapointment was Sam Dower. You play defense with your feet, not just your hands, Sam. Especially at the 5 position where fouls are called on a whim. Watch him drop 30 against WVU and make me look foolish for writing it. Seriously, I think Karnowski should start and Sam will be the best 6th man on the West Coast. Or maybe Olynyk will be. Sheesh the Zags are deep up front.

10-27-2012, 09:22 PM
It was so good to get the season under way and see what everyone has been speculating about.
Edi was much more agressive, loved his game tonight.
Stockton's added muscle seems to help, better defense also.
Harris not bad for being hurt a bit, he will be ready to pick up from last year.
Pangos and Bell - Don't look like sophs
PK will be incredible when he gets the flow of the game.
A was very mpressed with KD (Draino) and his ball handling. He nly displayed it a few times, but he is smooth and will get points. I look to him to be a real surprise for the team.