View Full Version : FC Dallas goalkeeper interrupted season to donate bone marrow

10-23-2012, 08:20 PM

DALLAS -- At the moment when everything changed, when life became about more than stopping shots and winning soccer matches, FC Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz was where you could always find him on a mindless weekday afternoon: sitting in his office playing a testosterone-filled game of "Halo."

The most important two hours of his day were over, a training session in which he pushed his body as hard as he could with the simple goal of improving. This was his life, that of a backup, where practice was often more important than the game. But now that work was over, it was time for play. Seitz and three of his teammates had met online and were hunting a group of strangers in a virtual reality. The task was simple: kill or be killed.

In the middle of it all, Seitz's phone vibrated. He first ignored the new email, then put his controller down and began to read. He couldn't believe the words staring back at him. "Bone marrow?" "Donor?" "Match?" Huh?

Four years ago, Seitz and his then teammates at Real Salt Lake -- along with hundreds of others in the tightly-knit MLS family -- registered to become bone marrow donors. It was a show of solidarity for Salt Lake midfielder Andy Williams' wife, Marcia, who was battling a rare form of leukemia.

In the years since, Seitz would receive a monthly newsletter from DKMS, the bone marrow center where he registered, and would delete it. But this email was different. This email involved a total stranger who needed help.

"Guys," Seitz said to his Dallas teammates online, "something has come up. There's this email. I gotta go."

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