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10-07-2012, 04:32 PM
Over the past 40 years I have been to a LOT of GU basketball games. We won some close ones, we lost some heartbreakers. The GU fans are there, and cheer, and have been good at supporting the team. The Kennel Club was created long after I graduated from GU, but their sideline cheering and sideline antics are fun to watch.

But on a totally different level of fandom craziness, yesterday night I was at Autzen as Oregon slaughtered Washington. I was sitting in the 14th row on the Oregon home sideline. The noise, the aggressive fan support, the insane screaming of the Oregon fans was absolutely amazing. Three 65 - 75 aged guys behind me blew on duck calls for the entire 60 minutes of the game and I never even heard them take a breath. Eight 20 something women behind us screamed at the highest octave of screaming sound I have ever heard and they didn't take a breath either. And there were 35,000 other people on our side of the field who were just as loud and just as insane. You could not hear the announcers, you could not hear your own brain. And this was at a blow out game where the Huskies were dead meat from about the 7 minute mark in the first quarter.

I grant you that the tailgating action before the game at Autzen was enough to stoke up the dead and make then into screaming zombie fans, but other than the alcohol, I wonder why D-1 football fans - especially SEC, Oregon and other elite teams, have fans that go insane from buzzer to buzzer even in a hopeless blowout, whereas in my experience college BB fans are a much more gentile crowd, rarely raising a voice except perhaps to boo for a few seconds at a bad call or to cheer for a few seconds for a good shot.

Why the difference? And this was not an age thing. We were in the "Duck Club" section (old money - old season tickets) and the average age in our section (with a few pleasant 20ish hot blond exceptions) had to be 58 - 60. But they were totally nuts.