View Full Version : 2012 Oakland A's: one of the greatest regular season stories in MLB history

10-03-2012, 03:28 PM
Back in June, the A's were 13 games behind the Texas Rangers. Their season was shot. They started dumping players. Regulars got hurt, the Manny Ramirez experiment failed and God knows what else. They brought in and started playing a bunch of rookies just to play out the rest of the schedule. Maybe get them some experience. That and keep the expenses low with the lowest payroll in baseball.

Since that point they've gone 68-33 and just won the AL West on the last day of the season. Today was the only day the entire year where they have led the division. If the Yankees lose tonight, they will also end up with the best record in the AL and will have home field advantage through the AL postseason.

That is not what is amazing about this bunch.

Today marked the 101st rookie starting pitcher that the A's have put on the mound. All five starters going into the postseason are rookies, and even their primary catcher is a rookie. The rest of the roster is littered with rookies as well.

I have never heard of a pro sports team ever getting into the postseason that relied this heavily on rookie players. Especially in a sport like baseball which is 90% mental and where experience usually matters a great deal when it comes to handling the long regular season schedule. The rooks on this team aren't role players. They are playing out the roles of guys who get paid tens of millions of bucks on teams like the Rangers, Yankees and Tigers.

It's a remarkable achievement and truly one of the most amazing regular season stories in the history of the game.

BTW - people will refer to this as Moneyball. It isn't Moneyball. The A's teams from a decade ago had a formula and they expected to win and get into the postseason. Nobody, I mean nobody in the A's organization expected an outcome like this to finish the regular season. This team was expected to lose 100 games, and that was before all of the roster changes that took place during the season.

10-03-2012, 04:25 PM
Well, it sort of depends on what you mean by Moneyball. If you mean OBP and power, sacrificing defense, yeah, not so much. If you mean finding the best value possible, there's a bit. Plus, alot of luck in everything breaking right. Really an absolutely incredible story. At the beginning of the year everyone was trying to figure out whether the As or Ms were going to finish last, and how many games the Rangers would win the division by over the Angels.

10-05-2012, 02:20 AM
As much as I hate the A's I will be rooting for them in the postseason.

I think the A's made some great moves this offseason. They made a classic A's trade when they picked up Josh Reddick from the Red Sox for Andrew Bailey. Signing Coco Crisp for $7 million a year was a good signing too. I think a lot of people were critical of the cespedes signing (including me) but that worked out great too.