View Full Version : Heart Conditions and Young Athletes

08-29-2012, 03:24 PM

Really good article by Myron Medcalf

Each year, nearly a dozen college athletes in America die of sudden cardiac arrest, per NCAA estimates. The NCAA has chartered a new study to assess the feasibility of screening every Division I athlete for heart abnormalities that trigger the trauma. The findings, expected to be released in 2013, could alter the NCAA's policy on physical examinations for college athletes.

The deaths are shocking both because of the victims' youth and assumptions about the capabilities of modern medicine. The fact is that detecting potentially fatal heart conditions in the active youngsters who are most vulnerable is still a challenge in the 21st century, even for the experts. Sometimes the first indication of a problem is also the last.

A determined team of doctors, parents, athletes, coaches and volunteers remain committed to eliminating all occurrences of sudden cardiac death among young athletes, and young people in general.

They're donating defibrillators. They're fervently studying the heart. They're raising awareness. They're making strong recommendations on heart screening for competitive athletes. They're trying to save lives.