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08-13-2012, 10:22 AM
....and if I had an unlimited expense account to do it......

It would be to make the summer and winter olympics an every other year event. I would also expand the summer games to 21 days. Why?

1) The summer olympics, especially, are my absolute favorite sporting event of all time. Same thing goes for millions of other people. Four years in between Olympiads is just too long of a wait. It's not as though people live forever.

2) 16 days for competition is just too short of a time span. There are just too many sports and too many events. Even if I were to stay at home for all 16 days with a TV and laptop (live streaming), I couldn't possibly keep up with everything. I could only get a taste of the games. It's just too much in too short of a time span, and it goes by in a blur.

3) Extending a few more days would make TV viewing easier. It would allow the NBC sister stations like NBCSN to show more "niche" sports like fencing, archery and badmitton and do so at regular times. My DVR scheduler was essentially useless the past 2 weeks. If I tuned into NBCSN to watch fencing at 11am, they often wouldn't get around to showing it until 2:20pm. Sometimes they wouldn't show it at all. They just had too many events crammed together. I also feel there is almost a public interest responsibility to give more air time to the "niche" sport athletes. These folks really represent the true spirit of the games because they aren't competing for endorsements and such. They are doing it for the love of their sport and to represent their society, period. I also believe that some of the "niche" sports like fencing have an ability to attract a wider audience (though never a massive one) if they would just show it on TV more.

4) One of the greatest things about the olympics are the human interest stories. You develop emotional attachments to the athletes like no other event, but you can't afford to do this because for most olympians this is their only shot. Guys like Michael Phelps who return for 3 or 4 Olympiads are really rare. The four year gap causes most athletes to be aged out....either they become too old to perform, or better athletes move up through the system and supplant them. Reducing it to every other year would allow us to see familiar faces more often.

5) I think it is simply unfair for athletes to endure 4 years of incredibly hard training for so little competition. I realize there are world championships in track and field and such, but it's just not the same. The olympics aren't like the NBA where if you are a Kobe fan and he fails to make the NBA finals, there's always next year. Athletes in these games have to wait 4 years. It's just too much work. Situations like the horrible judging mistake with Shin A Lam in fencing and that bad fall that Team USA's Morgan Uceny took in the women's 1500 meter final are just horrible. Guys cramp up right before they hit the wresting mat, etc. Some of these things are completely out of the athlete's control, and yet they do happen. Normally athletes don't have to wait a huge amount of time to get another chance to compete if something bizarre should happen before or during competition. They eventually get a fair shake. Not with the olympics.

The ultimate reason why my fantasy will never happen is money. I understand the four Greek Gods and the tradition of staging the olympics every four years, but if it were financially feasible, I am convinced the IOC would break with tradition. But it just takes too many years of planning to stage a modern olympics. If they kept it simple they might be able to get away with it, but everyone wants the multi-million buck opening ceremony production and such.

It's the worst sporting event to be a fan of, but it's so hard not to be a fan of it. It's tortuous for me.

08-13-2012, 10:36 AM
DVRing was useless. My DVR was basically running on 3 different tuners 24 hours a day between the basketball and soccer channels, NBC, MSNBC and CNBC.

And then there is no guide to tell you where and when things are shown by NBC, you just have to stream through everything to try finding something.

I have something like 300 hours of recordings listed simply as 'XXX Olympic Games'.

08-13-2012, 12:55 PM
The online streaming of live olympic events on your television set is probably going to be the future. It's the only way to broadcast all of the olympic events and to know that when you tune into table tennis at 11am that you will actually see it at 11am (or close to it). Hopefully you'll be able to click on the table tennis channel, and there will be a continuous live feed from the venue until the competition ends for the day.

I watched a lot of the olympics online, but there were crashes, buffering errors, etc., at too many key moments during live events:


Hopefully technology will improve. The site above also allowed you to watch replays of all the events as well. Problem is, most of the events used a different feed and didn't have announcers. They had graphics up on the screen to help you keep track of the score, but that's about it. "Niche" sports like badmitton and archery need announcers.

Hopefully at some point there will be seamless HD streaming of the olympics on your television set with announcers for all of the events. And hopefully you will be able to record it on to your DVR or physical media recorder. I doubt NBC is going to have all of its olympic content on this site forever.

Rio is only 1 hour ahead of the eastern time zone, so watching the summer olympics should be easier next time. No more 2:30am wakeup calls for live fencing.

08-13-2012, 04:27 PM
I would end the professional monopolies and make professional sports compete in a free market like any other business... I would limit the Olympics to amateurs ... that isn't going to happen.