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07-10-2012, 03:26 PM

07-10-2012, 03:46 PM
Is the Oooops in regards to the thought that we missed on this guy?

If so, my response would be that I like our additions about 1000x more than Mr. Swanson. However, Marquette did get Trent Lockett, so touche Golden Eagles.

07-10-2012, 03:50 PM
I don't know..........that's why there's a question mark. I don't recall us even looking at this kid.

07-10-2012, 05:40 PM
His other offers were Alaska Anchorage, Fairfield & Utah.

Either Buzz is seeing something that many others aren't or this young man will not see a lot of PT for the Golden Eagles.

In any case, hope he has a great experience.

07-10-2012, 09:46 PM
I watched him play for Idaho State and he is the consummate (sp?) tweener. They had him playing more inside and some at the free throw line extended. He is a decent player but I dont think his talent level is that of what GU would look for. With that said, since he is a Spokane kid I wish him all the best and hope he has a great career at Marquette.