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Thanks SOZ for the link, it is a very well researched and written article.

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Kevin Pangos is well on his way to national attention.

This article confirms it. A few more of these, some nice showings in some high profile, televised games and he will be there. He is just entering his sophmore season and there is plenty time for this to grow.

Time will tell if he hits rock star status, but it all seems to be falling in place.

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+1 .....Watching Kevin and the rest of the group- this season can't start soon enough!!! :adored:

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Good article, but Canada eliminated its ban on non-European immigrants well before 1976. Restrictions began to be eased after WWII, and by 1962 Canada had dismantled the discriminatory system.

So I am not sure that more liberal immigration policies play much of a role, if any, in the recent uptick in talent.

07-11-2012, 11:14 AM
Off topic, but NPR had an interesting story a few days ago as to why Canadian Steve Nash (supposedly) did not want to finish up his career playing in Canada at Toronto. Per NPR, by 2014 the combined income tax rate (local, provincial, federal) for NBA players in Toronto will be 49.5%. I don't want to get into politics, but from a prospective Toronto player's standpoint, that is a pretty hefty income tax, especially if calculated on 2 - 4 million dollars a year of salary!

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In Ontario, the top marginal rate (combined federal and provincial, including surtaxes) is 48% for 2012, and will be 49% in 2013 thanks to a new bracket for Ontario.


In California, I believe the top combined rate for 2012 is 45.3% (35.0% federal, 10.3% state). For 2013, with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, I believe the top combined rate for California will rise to 49.9% (39.6% federal, 10.3% California).

In addition, the 1.45% medicare tax is uncapped, so Nash's top marginal rate playing for the Lakers would be over 50%.

The comparison is complicated and depends on individual circumstances, deduction phase outs, property taxes (generally higher in California than Ontario), and sales taxes (higher in Ontario than California), but I would be surprised if Nash's tax burden was greater in Toronto than LA.

Nash may have had many valid reasons for going to the Lakers, but I don't think taxes was one of them.

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Thanks for the CA vs TOR tax info. Here is the link to the NPR story where the supposed expert talks about how much more tax Nash would have had to pay in Toronto, but it sounds like you know more than he does.



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For your summer reading and to fill the time before season starts (http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=3591). Includes summary of taxes compared to other countries and previous years.