View Full Version : "Needler" Homers.

07-20-2007, 03:15 PM
With due respect to Sousa, McGuire, and soon Barry Bonds, it will be another sad day for this Baseball Fan when another "roid" generation slugger with an ego bigger than his stats passes Hank Aaron for the career home run lead.From the time he came up with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986 until traded to the San Francisco Giants in 92 Barry hit no more than 34 homers in his best season. From the time he reached the "magic waters" of San Francisco in 93 he rapidly increased his totals to a high of 73, the year he broke the single season record. No doubt this is a great accomplishment, but this fan still believes Sousa, McGuire, Bonds and all who are suspect in the steroid era should have an asterisk after their stats.Soon Ken Griffey Jr. will hit his 600th and when he does I will be inclined to celebrate his effort much more than Sammy's, Marks, or Barry's. When Barry came up with the "Buccos" in 86 he made $60,000.00 per year now he makes over $20,000,000.00 and a working stiff cannot afford to take his family to a MLB Park. A sad commentary on our times!