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02-28-2012, 10:57 AM


Here he talks about the scheduling of Senior Night. It's a bit different from what we heard on the radio.

óIím certain Iíve addressed this the last four years since Gonzaga began scheduling a game between the WCC finale and the conference tournament, but every year Iím asked about the rationale.
So here goes again. There are a number of factors. Itís essentially a guaranteed win (USC Upstate 90-40, Cal State Bakersfield 78-59 after leading by 37 at one point, Cal State Bakersfield 96-49 and Longwood 92-60). Itís a chance to play everybody and give the seniors (remember there were five a couple years ago) a chance to start without worrying about the outcome. It creates more of a spotlight on the seniors.
Had GU not scheduled Longwood, it would have faced BYU on Senior Night in a pressure-packed situation. And, as previously mentioned, this practice started not long after Ronny Turiafís emotional Senior Night exit in 2005.
ďIt would be a little worrisome if we had to open (the WCC tournament) on a Thursday,Ē said coach Mark Few, whose team hasnít had to worry about that with byes into the semifinals. ďOne of the main reasons is itís sometimes easier to get one of these guarantee games in here because itís not as tough of competition, especially with the independents, compared to November or December. Itís a competitive world.Ē
Few pointed out that he remembers ďRonny being a wreck. That can be a challenging situation. Iíd rather do it this way.Ē
Itís not without risk (injury, a bit of a hit to GUís RPI), but itís worked out pretty much as planned the last four years.

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02-28-2012, 12:20 PM
Yep its about giving the seniors a win with just a touch of staying crisp before the tournament begins.

How else is Keita, Carter, Hoff, and Spangler going to get so much PT. This really strengthens our bench for the post season too.