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Angelo Roncalli
02-03-2012, 04:03 PM
Being home sick with not much better do to, I watched the replay of the 1st half to try to analyze the breakdowns.

I counted 19 turnovers/effective turnovers (plays that don't go in the score book as t.o.'s, but have the same effect). The breakdown:

1. Bad pass by Edi trying to feed Sacre in the low block.
2. Bad inbound pass from Bell to Harris.
3. Ball tipped away from Bell by defender @ top of the key.
4. Ball stripped from Pangos as he attempted to drive the left side of the lane.
5. Bad inbound pass by Carter on the baseline (what should be a scoring play becomes a t.o.).
6. Carter steps out of bound driving the baseline (again, should have been a scoring play).

Takes us to the 14:00 mark. 1 turnover per minute. But, GU is in the game because BYU has made nearly as many t.o.'s and bad fouls.

7. Carter shot blocked in the paint (one of my "effective" turnovers--what should have been a scoring play ends up with the ball going the other way).
8. Bad cross court pass by Carter.

Side note: at this point, MM enters the game, game tied at 15-15. He takes 3 open three point shots in 72 seconds and misses all three. BYU scores on one of the three possessions following the missed shots, a Hartsock trey.

9. Pangos stripped as he drives the sideline after making a steal himself.
10. Harris loses the ball while attempting a spin move dribble at the top of the key.
11. Bad touch pass by Dower at the top of the key.
12. Harris picks up an offensive charge driving in the lane (this was a horrible call by Dick Cartmell--who is usually the best ref in the WCC. Zystra was not set and moved into Harris)
13. Harris throws a shin-high shovel pass to Sacre in the low block that is easily picked off.
14. Bell draws offensive foul after a made basket (another effective t.o. because it sends BYU to the FT line without having run any offense)
15. Edi misses the front end of a 1 and 1 and BYU gets the rebound. Another effective turnover because you lose control of the ball on what should be a scoring play).
16. Sacre stripped as he goes up for a dunk. Counts in the scorebook as a blocked shot and a rebound, I believe, but the effect is the same as a t.o.
17. Sacre blocked on a dunk. See 16, supra.
18. Keita, air balled 3 attempt. Though technically a "shot," it was effectively a pass to BYU. This was particularly bad because two post defenders were closing out and there were players open much closer to the basket.
19. Attempted cross court pass by Pangos as the clock winds down at the end of the first. This play got started about 3 seconds late and got worse as as it went along.

Essentially, the offense handed the ball to BYU about once a minute in the first half.

02-03-2012, 04:12 PM
Does "Value the ball" still apply, or did it go out of style? :rolleyes:

02-03-2012, 04:38 PM
If only X's and O's were the issues here.

I think BobZag was onto something with an earlier thread about a missing "ingredient".

They better fix the recipe pretty soon, or it could get uglier.