View Full Version : It's time for leaders to lead and stars to rise

01-31-2012, 05:47 AM
As the Zags begin the final month of their season it's time for Rob Sacre and Elias Harris to begin to really step out, assert themselves, and lead the Zags the rest of the year. The last month of the season is where the conference championship will be won. All of the non conference games, and all the conference games up to this point have prepared the Zags for this final run towards the championship. Just like Steven Gray, Matt Bouldin, Derek Raivio, Jeremy Pargo, Josh Heytvelt, Adam Morrison and JP Bautista, Ronny Turiaf, Casey Calvary, Cory Violette, Dan Dickau, Richie Frahm and Matt Santangelo did over the last 11 years, Elias and Rob must step out and lead the Zags.

I also believe it's time for Marquis Carter to step out and be the guy he was last year. Marquis can be so much more than he's been this year, and the Zags need him for this final run. I have faith in Marquis. I had faith in him last year. I remember when he was recruited to play at Gonzaga Mark Few said that Marquis Carter is a winner. I believe that. Whatever has mentally plagued Marquis this year, it's time to let it go. Just let it go! And play the way you know how, Marquis.

Some folks are counting Gonzaga out already because St. Mary's is perceived as invincible. It was the same story last year at about this time of year. There has always been something magical about our Zags and it usually comes out about this time of year. That thing,that thing that makes the Zags Zags comes out at this time of year. I'll be looking for it on Thursday, and I don't care if Pangos and Edi are sick or not. It's not about who plays, it's about who they are.

Go Zags!!!

Martin Centre Mad Man
01-31-2012, 06:57 AM
Coach Few ought to remind our guys about last year's tournament loss. I'd love to play a loud recording of, "You got Jimmered" on an endless loop in the practice facility to remind the guys who they're playing on Thursday.

This is a game where our big guys need to establish beyond any shred of a doubt that they are the best frontcourt in the WCC. Rob, Sam, and Elias need to impose their will on that BYU frontcourt. They need to use those broad shoulders and strong legs to get position and then hold it. The BYU guys are thinner. If our guys get good position, they ought to be able to cause some damage on the low block with offensive rebounds, second chance points and trips to the foul line.

I want to see Rob Sacre strut off the court at the end of this thing with both arms flexed and a wide smile on full display for the BYU faithful.